March 25, 2023

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‘I couldn’t believe my eyes at first’: new document proves Leonardo da Vinci descended from a slave girl

Leonardo Da Vinci© Getty Images

A new study finds that Leonardo da Vinci was not a purebred Italian. Scientists who delved into his life story claim to have solved the mystery of who his mother was. She was going to be a slave from the Caucasus.

Gene Eckmanssource: NBC News, Sky News

Leonardo da Vinci’s life has been widely studied over the years, but little has been known about the identity of his mother for a long time. Experts agree that her name was Caterina and that da Vinci was born in 1452. He would be the illegitimate son of her and Sir Piero da Vinci, a young Florentine notary. There was also much speculation that she was a farmer, an orphan, or a slave girl. A newly discovered document from November 1452 by da Vinci’s father breathes new life into this debate.


Carlo Vecchi, who spent years studying the life and work of the world-famous scientist and artist, found the document in the Florentine State Archives. He revealed this at a press conference on Tuesday. “When I saw that document, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Vicki said. NBC News.

Although he initially did not believe in the theory that da Vinci’s mother was a slave, the discovery confirms this theory. It records the liberation of a slave girl named Caterina by her mistress Mona Ginevra. It is said that Mona married a “Florentine adventurer” who owned many slaves from the Black Sea region. “In the end, all the documents I found pointed in this direction and I gave in to the evidence,” Vecchi said.

Document of 1452 on the liberation of Katerina©AP

Carlo Vecchi revealed his discovery at a press conference to present a new book.© AFP

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