January 28, 2023

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‘I should have done more to keep Kompany’: Vandenhout honest in condensed statement | Jupiler Pro League

Wouter Vandenhout has spoken. Anderlecht’s strongman addresses Purple & White supporters in a particularly intense statement. Read his full account below, divided into four main chapters.

About choices in terms of coaches

“One of the first decisions I made when I became president of RSC Anderlecht was to appoint Vincent Kompany as coach. I am still very much in favor of that, because we were on exactly the same path. We wanted to play attacking football, we wanted to work with young players, we wanted to restore Anderlecht’s pride, and I think we We’ve done really well these two years.”

“It was trial and error, there were good moments and less moments. But in the end we played the play-offs for ana two years in a row. We reached the cup final last year. I still see the pictures at Heysel in front of ana,” it was amazing. It also seemed like we were really back. We just lost the final, didn’t play a good game, and went out on penalties. It might have been a penalty if we had won it. “

“I had to conclude that the chemistry has been a bit less in recent months. Vincent and I then spoke about it, and together we came to the conclusion that we were the best of ways. Vincent left for Burnley. That’s actually been a calm atmosphere. And I’m really happy for him because he He’s doing well there now and I really hope he becomes a Premier League coach next season.”

In hindsight, I probably should have done my best to keep Vincent with us a little longer.

Water Vandenhout

“After Vincent Kompany, we wanted to bring in an experienced coach. A coach who knows the Belgian league well. That’s how we ended up with Phyllis Mazzo, who did a great job at the federation. This also worked in the first stage. We knew good preparation, strong competition starting with 9 of Out of 12, we got to the group stage in Europe, but that quickly fell apart.”

“It turned out that Phyllis Matzo’s style of work and play was completely at odds with Vincent’s very modern way of working. That was a huge error of judgment, and we also came to the conclusion from it. I’m going to do my best to keep Vincent with us for a while longer.”

“With the arrival of Brian Rimmer, we’re now going back to what we built with Vincent in those two years. Brian is a very modern coach. He’s tried and tested in the Premier League. You can feel that on the way to work, in terms of dynamics, in terms of enthusiasm, in terms of fresh ideas.” They partly belong to the same school.”

About Nerbid Academy

“When it comes to Neerpede, we have to dare to look at ourselves critically. I think we have to take a number of steps with Neerpede. Neerpede was ahead of most academies 15 years ago. Great work has been done, and to this day it has been doing well.” Very, but we have to make sure we don’t lose the lead we have today.”

We have to make sure we don’t lose the lead we have today.

Water Vandenhout

“This is why we urgently need to do a number of innovations. First of all, we have to look at our infrastructure, because we are simply lagging behind. The money spent on it.”

“Jan Kindermans has always been very important to the story of Nerebid. He is the architect of that story, and we would like to continue working with Jane as well. We hope he will also be part of the future. I hope that in the coming period Jan and Jesper (Friedberg’s editor) can come to an agreement. Renewed “.

About the club’s sporting situation

“I’m very disappointed with our place in the standings. That’s not where Anderlecht belong. We have to try to go up as quickly as possible. We definitely didn’t have some luck on our part, but you can’t do that. We certainly didn’t have our best summer brands.

“On the other hand, the Scouts have done well over the past three years in very difficult conditions, with few resources. Now we have one less summer mercato, and you pay cash for it.”

We are still not a rich club, so when we bring in new players we also have to say goodbye to other players.

Water Vandenhout

“Of course we want and will strengthen ourselves during this Mercato. I want to stress that we are a healthy club today. All kinds of reports have appeared again in recent days about the miserable financial situation we are in, but this is simply not true. We cleared our debts and raised new capital.

“And we’ll use that capital wisely. We’re still not a wealthy club, so when we bring in new players we also have to say goodbye to other players. But that’s the mechanism most clubs follow. We’ll do everything we can to get back on that path to the top in As soon as possible “.

About criticizing supporters

“Last Sunday our fans were fantastic. This is the crowd we need to be able to play our football with. When these people are so critical, frustrated and let down, it’s hard. I’ve heard some of our fans accuse me of a lack of vision. I’m afraid I have to reach out.” to the conclusion that I had not communicated well, inadequately, or even at all about it.”

“It’s my fault and my responsibility. Because Anderlecht’s vision is clear to me. We have to be a club that brings beautiful, modern football, that wins its games, with young players, young coaches.”

“I want us to be a team that is broadly rooted in the community. That’s also one of the reasons we’re so committed to women’s football. I think we should also be a team that takes its supporters seriously. If you’ve used the word ‘culture change’ in the past, you don’t mean Absolutely we want to touch Anderlecht’s DNA. That has nothing to do with that. That DNA, we shouldn’t touch that.”

I’ve heard some of our supporters accuse me of lacking vision. I’m afraid I must have come to the conclusion that I haven’t communicated properly, inadequately, or even not at all.

Water Vandenhout

“What I mean is we have to realize we are no longer the richest club and we have to act accordingly. We have to work harder, we have to be sharper, we have to show more winning mentality and we have to be willing to go into the hole every day.”

“We will have to work even harder than before, when we were still the richest club in the country. This is the only way to become the best and biggest club in Belgium again. We have strong and ambitious shareholders, a good board of directors, a strong management with a vision, with people who know exactly what to do.” Where they want to go and who are given the mandate and space to do their work.”

“And we have great staff. What I feel very much, every day at Nerbid, is that hunger and this desire to show once again that we are Anderlecht and that we want to come back. I’ve seen all these people suffer, this week, but at the same time I’ve seen them back off. They said: ‘I won’t Let this happen.”

“No one is bigger than the club. I want to ask myself. I hope we can now come together and get behind the club again.”

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