February 5, 2023

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I took it out of the oven too early

I took it out of the oven too early

There’s little gaming companies gain as much as nostalgia. The Pokémon Company has also worked the formula down to the last detail: launching a trio every year, a new first Pokemon A game, then a new TV series and of course the highly profitable cards. Too bad this time the quality of the game is being smashed in the relentless mill of marketing.

Good. The idea is always the same: the young man goes out into the wide world and becomes the best trainer of Pocket Monsters (Pokémon), collecting as many cute and crazy creatures as possible. Along the way, you must defeat a number of powerful trainers in order to become the region’s Pokémon Champion.

Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet They’re the newest member of the family, and thanks to: the creator of Game Freak finally dares to do something new. Instead of strictly following planned paths, you’ll be set free in a freely explorable world full of rolling hills and beautiful beaches. It would be nice if Pokemon everywhere acted like wild animals, but that’s a small beer.

This world is fun to explore, thanks to its friendly appearance, the surprises you find everywhere, and the good variety of Pokemon. Combat is also a bit faster and smoother than before, so you’re not constantly tapping speech bubbles. For the enthusiasts, playing with many other players is now possible.

Wow good news. Unfortunately, this game could have been in the oven a little longer. The endless lags and choppy animations are almost constantly annoying. Even loading the inventory, which is no more than a list of items, sometimes takes a lot of seconds from the game. 10 for the idea and 4 for the implementation. Better next year?

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