February 1, 2023

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‘I traded my Ferrari for a Twingo’: As Shakira plays a trick on him, Gerard Pique raises the mystery surrounding the ‘Masked Winger’ | time out

Who is the “Masked Wing”?

Meanwhile, Pique is focused on his many projects. One of these is the Kings League, an alternative football tournament that is causing quite a stir in Spain. It is played seven against seven and there are twelve teams in all, with famous players like Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez or former world champion Juan Capdevila. But the player who has caused the most controversy so far is unknown (for now).

It’s about ‘Enigma69’, a player whose identity is concealed with a Mexican wrestling mask, long sleeves, and gloves. He will be a player who is currently still active in La Liga, but his team has not allowed him to participate in the Kings League. And there are quite a few people under the charm of the puzzle, which has already been christened “The Masked Pavilion” here and there.

Isco (ex-Real, now no club), Rodrigo Riquelme (Girona), Paul Lerola (Elche), Denis Suarez (Celta) and Nano Mesa (ex-Cadiz, now no club) are some of the names already put forward. Presenter Ibai Llanos may have lost himself on Twitch, where nearly a million people watched the tournament. “A lot of people thought it was Isco because he physically resembles Nano Misa,” Janos seemed to debunk the latter. A ‘slip of the tongue’ or just a clever move to get fans to speculate a bit more? Pique is definitely rubbing his hands.

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