March 30, 2023

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Idaho Supreme Court allows passage of anti-abortion law |  Now

Idaho Supreme Court allows passage of anti-abortion law | Now

The US state of Idaho’s Supreme Court refuses to strike down a law that criminalizes all abortions in the state. The court ruled on Friday that the ban could come into effect on August 25 as planned. Idaho is the second Republican state to enact such a law after Indiana repealed the nationwide right to abortion.

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the new law, which is supported mainly by Republicans. According to the American Women’s Health Organization, the law violates the right to privacy and equal protection of rights in the Idaho Constitution.

The right to abortion was enshrined in the US Constitution in 1973 with the Roe v Wade abortion case. The US Supreme Court issued a special ruling in that case. It declared “unconstitutional” any law that made abortion difficult or banned in US states.

The Supreme Court, now made up of mostly Republican justices, reversed that decision in June. As a result, each state can now decide whether or not to allow abortion.


The Idaho Supreme Court was split on whether to pass the law. In the end, the court voted 3 to 2. That means the new law will come into force on August 25 and criminalize almost all abortions in the state.

According to Justice Robin Brody, Roe v. Given the backlash of the Wade film, Planned Parenthood could not prove that it deserved such “strict relief.” Especially since Roe v Wade made abortion illegal in Idaho.

The judges also ruled that another law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy could be temporarily suspended.

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