December 4, 2022

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"I'm convinced the clients will find us no matter what"

“I’m convinced the clients will find us no matter what”

Amazon doesn’t have a Belgian website yet, but consumers can already order products from you via the French, Dutch or German website. What exactly will change for them?

Faict: “We focus on the local shopping experience by offering several Belgian brands. On the homepage of you will find a link to a section of the site that offers a selection of typical Belgian products from small and medium-sized businesses. As a Flemish person, I am very pleased to be able to put the Belgian entrepreneurial spirit in the spotlight in this way. By the way, the first product we sold at the launch of the site was a branded tea from the Belgian store window.

In addition, you can now use Bancontact to pay for all your purchases and subscriptions. With the Prime subscription, which costs 2.99 euros per month, you are entitled to special delivery terms and access to thousands of films and series that we have also adapted for our Belgian customers. For example, we translate Or dubbing videos in Flemish, French and English when necessary. Of course, we also offer the familiar features our customers have come to expect, such as next-day delivery of over 4 million products. It’s all just the beginning. We’re continuing to improve.” has been around since 2020, since 2003. Why did it take so long to arrive in Belgium? Is there space in the Belgian web store scene for another major player?

“I don’t think it took that long. I think now is the time. We were lucky that clients found us anyway. But clients were really asking for more and more for a more local experience. Moreover, there is now a clear hunger for it among Belgian entrepreneurs. In the last year alone, 6,000 Belgian online stores were launched. They constantly wondered how they could reach more customers. In this sense, Amazon could be an opportunity for them to grow. Through us, they could reach millions of users in Belgium and abroad.”

Will you now start a fierce price war with other websites like

“We don’t focus too much on competitiveness and what other sites are doing. I focus very much on what the customer tells us. When creating the site, we looked at what customers want on the French and Dutch site. I strongly believe that if we keep our eyes on what customers want, we will They give us a chance and hope they trust us. We will offer them the lowest price we can offer. We base this on what we think is the right price for the product. Since we have a large selection, we can always find the right product for them.”

Eye-catching: leads to an insurance company’s website. The fact that you’re called because of that should put an end to the celebration, right?

“I’ve been using for a while now, because I’m very involved with it in my daily life. I think it’s a nice name. We’ve found customers on, and, which are in principle not names Clear domains for Belgians. I am convinced that customers will also find us in this. Additionally, about 50 percent of Belgian users use the app. They don’t even need a URL for that. I don’t think that would be a challenge. So no, we’re not actively trying to change This domain name too.

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