November 30, 2023

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In 2022, the lavender fields will be at DelftBloeit in Phoenixstraat

In 2022, the lavender fields will be at DelftBloeit in Phoenixstraat

Every year, the DelftBloeit Foundation lights up an empty space in our city with tulips of all kinds of colors. This will also be the case in 2022. This time in collaboration with Rotary Delft-Vermeer. In addition, funds are raised immediately to combat polio.Next year’s new tulip field will be on the Phoenixstraat between Molen de Roos and Bagijnetoren. “We have received permission from the municipality to use the green space on the Phoenixstraat to grow tulip bulbs,” says Frans Gerlink, DelftBloeit President.

End polio now
Geerlink: “This time we’re working with Rotary Delft-Vermeer. People can buy tulip bulbs and then donate them to the tulip field. With that, they’re supporting the polio campaign now. A box of 25 bulbs costs 15 euros. 10 euros of this will go to associations.” Charity and this amount will be tripled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A box of 15 euros worth of lamps – bringing in about 30 euros – to fight polio.”

Lily lamps can beautify the city and support the end of polio now on this site are requested.

Laurentius Praktijkschool helps too
“This time we also want to plant other bulbs. We do this to improve biodiversity. This is better for insect life. We are very pleased that the students from Laurentius Praktijkschool in Kappeyne van de Coppellostraat will help us plant the bulbs,” says Geerlink finally.

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