July 18, 2024

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In Germany, floods devastated two areas: at least 58 people were killed and dozens were missing.  Merkel: “Disaster”.  Minister: “Crime for climate change”

In Germany, floods devastated two areas: at least 58 people were killed and dozens were missing. Merkel: “Disaster”. Minister: “Crime for climate change”

At least 58 people died, And dozens of missing. The number of people affected by the catastrophic floods in the west of the country continues to rise Germany, Destruction of houses e Pulling cars into the water. Heavy rain and flooding particularly affected two lanes Norterno-Westphalia And this Rhineland-Palatinate. And only in the latter region, says the interior minister, Roger Levends (SPD), Calculated in the middle 50 and 70 are missing. At least 200 thousand people were without electricity.

A “Disaster“It simply came to our notice then Angela Merkel, In Washington today, due to be the head of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia and the CDU candidate for president, Armin Lacet, And Minister of Environment, Svenja Schulz, Ay Climate change. The accumulation of heavy rain, Lacet told the German media, “it is necessary to accelerate climate protection measures.” “Climate change has arrived in Germany“Instead, the minister tweeted. “Events – he added – show the power of the effects of climate change to affect all of us, and how important it is to prepare better for such extreme weather events in the future.” At the same time, in the opinion of the Minister of the Interior, he firmly believes that this hourly flood is the “effect of climate change” and we must prepare better for it.

Angela Merkel, who offered condolences to the victims and their families, said in a statement: “Talking about heavy rains and floods describes the situation in a positive way. This is truly a disaster. ” The Chancellor spoke of “shocked by the news reaching me”, “submerged places”, but without giving the number of victims. “I express my pain. We do not have numbers yet, but they are many“Everything possible will be done to find the missing.” The Chancellor then thanked the rescuers for their “tireless work.” “We know what they are doing is very dangerous.”

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President of the Republic, Sergio Matterella, He wanted to send his closest message to the German pool: “I follow the most serious news coming in these hours with deep sadness – especially – from North Rhine-Westphalia And from Rhineland-Palatinate. With shared feelings of condolence for this catastrophe the pain of a friend of the German people all over Italy clung painfully. Our affectionate thoughts and solidarity are extended to the families of the victims and the missing. In this sad situation, Mr. President and dear friend, my sincere condolences to the Italian Republic and my personal condolences to you ”.

The Bad Nunehr Ahrweiler district in the Rhineland-Palatinate is particularly affected, with 18 people affected. Cologne police say 20 people have been killed in Uskirch, south of the city of Westphalia. On the other hand, hundreds of people were rescued with the help of some boats in the Cordell area, one of the centers most affected by the floods. In this area, according to reports Picture, Deaths or disappearances. This time, I Rail links Parked in North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the most populous areas of the country. The German Meteorological Agency predicts that rainfall will decrease over the course of the day.

Germany is not the only country affected by the most violent storm. Further Belgium Heavy rain fell in the east Victims: 5 people dead. The floods particularly affected the province of Liege, Wallonia, but also parts of the Flanders. Four bodies of the victims were found in the town of Verviers, very close to the German border. The Muse came out of the river bank In Namur, sixty kilometers south of Brussels, and in Leigh, people were told to leave their homes near the river.

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To deal with the limited “Worst worst weather in 300 years”, Dutch officials have decided to station troops in the south of the country. From the border area NetherlandsIn fact, in the southeastern province of Limburg, dozens of people are being forced to flee their homes and seek shelter. Hotels and Sports Centers. The job of the military is to help people gain security After many roads and highways were closed due to flooding. At least six houses have collapsed and 25 houses are in danger.

Unity came immediately from European companies. “My thoughts go to the families of those affected by the disasters in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and to those who lost their homes. L ‘The European Union is ready to help“The head of the European Commission wrote on Twitter Ursula van der Leyen, Sotolinando Se “Countries concerned may support EU civil defense mechanism”. Thought was also shared by the President European Parliament, David Sasoli.