July 24, 2024

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In the map are more than 270 million euros for space and mobility projects in West Flanders

In the map are more than 270 million euros for space and mobility projects in West Flanders

In the Integrated Investment Program (GIP), Lydia Peters, the Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works, presents her plans for 2022. In our province exactly 27,1798.441 euros are being pumped to raise the traffic infrastructure to a higher level. Large quantities are being collected, especially in Bruges and on the coast.

In total there are 150 projects. “There are three key keywords in my policy: bike, road safety and sustainability,” the minister said. The Flemish government will invest large sums in the maintenance, safety and renovation of (water) roads, bike paths and structures (Bridges, Tunnels and Retaining Walls, ed.).

Cycling safely

In West Flanders, the budget for bicycle projects accounts for just under 20 percent of the total. The number that requires a nuance. “During this period in office, record sums are being invested in cycling infrastructure. Across Flanders, that is three times the number of the previous legislature. We will not be able to bring all bike paths up to the top at once, but a major overrun can be made,” As Mercedes van Volsem, a member of the Flemish Parliament and member of the Committee on Mobility and Public Works, explains.

This legislature will invest three times more in cycling infrastructure than before

“20 percent seems low. But in West Flanders specifically, some projects are seriously increasing the overall budget, such as investments in port infrastructure. In addition, the actual cost of the bike path, which is included in this calculation, Relatively low. But such works also include confiscation of property, other maintenance work on the road … These costs are not included in the bicycle budget.”

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expensive lock

It doesn’t just stop at the bike lanes. GIP contains plans for electric buses from De Lijn, tracking renovations and budgets for new depots. Dangerous intersections are also dealt with and school roads are improved.

But the biggest investments are in water and air. The price of Nieuwe Sluis in Zeebrugge is at least 36.5 million euros. According to Meirm van Volsem, “one of the most important works for the economic future of our region”. The cost of maintaining the structure of the airport in Ostend is about 20 million euros. On the map below you will find all the projects in your municipality. (Read more at the bottom of the map)

floodplain simulation

Apart from the municipal works, a budget of 33 million euros is also earmarked for the 31 comprehensive investments required in the county. Some of these studies on safety coordination, topography, archaeological observations, soil remediation…but also, for example, public lighting, green area development and bridge maintenance are part of these 31 projects.

In addition, 8.8 million euros will be allocated for investments in all coastal municipalities. It’s about ten different projects. From mapping dune zones and simulating super storms to tracking coastal tram renewal and health building expansion. Areas at risk of potential flooding are also considered. “Coastal defense work is essential to arm our region against climate change. These are work that will take many years and will require budgets year after year,” says van Volsem. An additional €14 million will be invested in coastal marinas, primarily for maintenance dredging.

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