June 5, 2023

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in the picture.  Almost all of King Philip's family attends the wedding of Queen Mathilde's brother |  Property

in the picture. Almost all of King Philip’s family attends the wedding of Queen Mathilde’s brother | Property

Prince Gabriel, who began his training at the Royal Military School, unfortunately could not attend. He is currently in camp in the eastern counties for six weeks.

Charles Henry is the only brother of our Queen, the youngest of five children. Matilde is the eldest. Mary Alex, the second oldest, died 25 years ago in a car accident with her grandmother. There are two other sisters: Elizabeth (45), who, like Mathilde, is a speech therapist by training, and Helen (42), godmother to Crown Princess Elizabeth. None of them witnessed Charles Henry on Saturday. Helen and Elizabeth’s children worked as bridesmaids.

In any case, the royal family rejoiced on this happy occasion. Queen Mathilde and Princess Elizabeth both went browsing their wardrobes for their party outfits. That reports the “Warderobe Royale” website. Mathilde chose a gorgeous green dress from fashion house Nathan, which she also wore earlier this year, on June 4. Elizabeth also recycles. Her long, floral-patterned dress — also by Natan — was also admired two years ago. The fact that mother and daughter have the same taste was also evident from their choice of headdress. Both women went to design Fabien Delphine – the Queen chose a green hat and the princess a hairpiece. She actually wore it two years ago, and young Eléonore went for a completely new outfit.

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