September 28, 2022

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in the picture.  International stars and legendary groups at "Zomerhit" in Blankenberge |  Music

in the picture. International stars and legendary groups at “Zomerhit” in Blankenberge | Music

MusicAfter De Panne and Bredene, Zomerhit has now landed in Blankenberge for a brand new recording of the music program One. With a great deal of nostalgia this time around thanks to Soulsister and X-Session. Some international stars also participated in the party, along with Fleming, Ella Air, and Sam Ryder.

For Sam Ryder, who finished second in the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s a two-day Belgian event. Yesterday “Ten Om Te Zien” in Westende, and today Zomerhit in Blankenberge. And the audience sings again with Space Man.

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Sam Ryder © Christoph Jeslink

“Before my performance, I did a swim in the sea and it was wonderfully refreshing,” Fleming says. The Dutch singer-songwriter, known for his hits “Amsterdam” and “Automatic”, is hoping for more performances in Flanders.

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Fleming © Christoph Jeslink

Bart Peters and Metejor will sing the Bart Peters song “Konijneneten” together. “What an honor to be on stage with my idol,” Metegor says. “Normally I’m a control freak, but with Bart on stage you have to let everything go. And act crazy!”

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Bart Peters and Meteor

Bart Peters and Meteor © Christoph Jeslink

Maxim moves the audience with his song “Zonder Mij” about a love break. “I get a lot of positive feedback and it makes me very happy.”

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Wisdom - a saying

Wisdom – a saying © Christoph Jeslink

Soulsister gives it another try with “Tell Me What It Takes”. “It is still a pleasure to see everyone dance and sing.”

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spiritual sister

spiritual sister © Christoph Jeslink

Yap Resima and Leah Roux sing Code Rood, for which they were nominated for a Zomerhit Award. “Hopefully we can finish in the top ten, but the competition is tough this year. Among other things from Reggie, but I totally give it to him too. And he’s me too.”

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Yap Risma and Leah Rouh

Yap Risma and Leah Rouh © Christoph Jeslink

X-Session threw a party with the contagious “On and on” infection from 1999. Jenna can count on husband George Arendell’s encouragement and their daughter June.

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X-session © Christoph Jeslink

Natalia honors Olivia Newton-John with her song “A Desperate Devotion to You.” This has a personal story attached to it. 24 years ago, the singer crawled into the studio to sing that song, a birthday present from her dad.

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Natalia © Christoph Jeslink

Britain’s Ella Eyre is currently a hit with summer’s “Deep Down” and makes the audience dance with ease.

Ella Air

Ella Air © Christoph Jeslink

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