December 8, 2023

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in the picture.  Princess Elizabeth celebrates her 20th birthday: this unique photo series shows her from 0 to 20 (approx) |  showbiz

in the picture. Princess Elizabeth celebrates her 20th birthday: this unique photo series shows her from 0 to 20 (approx) | showbiz

PropertyIt’s a party, because Belgium’s Princess Elizabeth is twenty years old today. A perfect opportunity to showcase the most special moments of her life in this unique photo series. From her first photo, a family ski vacation to her debut at Oxford University.

New Baby

“She is a real woman.” The proud Prince Philip presents his daughter to the Belgian people. Princess Mathilde Elizabeth Theresia gave birth to Maria Helena on October 25, 2001 at 9.58 pm.

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One year

For her first birthday, Elizabeth got her own stamp.





Two years

On her first day at school, she entered Saint-Jean-Berchmann College in Brussels with a red backpack.



3 years

Elizabeth hugs her newborn brother, Prince Emmanuel.

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4 years

On a skiing holiday in Switzerland with her father Philip and her older brother Prince Gabriel.

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5 years

An eye tricking eye during a family trip to a nature park in the Ardennes.



6 years

Visit Antwerp Zoo.



7 years

Elizabeth runs among the flowers at the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken.

Oliver Bullitt

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8 years

Between chickens and rabbits on a farm in West Flanders, this one also makes little princesses happy.

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9 years

The pediatric ward at UZ Gent is now called Princess Elisabeth Hospital. At the inauguration, she gave her first official speech in flawless Dutch.

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10 years

Three generations of heads of state together in the summer of 2012: Philip (then heir apparent), Elizabeth and King Albert.

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11 years

Two girls on Ile-Dieu beach in France.

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12 years

“I’ll show you how to do it,” Vincent Company seems to say when the princess attends the Red Devils’ training.

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13 years

In the annual photo September 1 at Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege.

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14 years

The handshake on National Day in front of the father’s approval: it’s all part of it.


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15 years

Palace flower: Elizabeth wears an elegant outfit for a formal portrait.


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16 years

The girl becomes a woman – fearlessly defying the stones of Brussels with her bright red heels.

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17 years

With trendy sneakers and a lot of nature, Elizabeth packs everyone into UNICEF Kenya’s mission.



18 years

While training at the Royal Military Academy, she proved that she had nothing to fear.

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19 years

Since this school year, the Crown Prince has been studying at Oxford University and there she feels like a fish in water.



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