June 10, 2023

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in the picture. Ten years after the succession of the throne, the Orange family takes lavish photos | Property

Princess Amalia turns completely black in new photos. Her father chose a suit and added some color to the whole with a light blue tie. Princess Beatrix shines in dark green in pictures taken at Noureddine Palace.

King Willem-Alexander has been on the throne for exactly ten years on Sunday and looks like he’s going to stay there for a while. Meanwhile, his daughter Amalia is slowly preparing for her role as heir to the throne. However, the 19-year-old has already made it clear on her bio: As far as she’s concerned, it will be a while before she takes over her father’s position.

However, since her 18th birthday – the age at which she could officially succeed her father – the Princess of Orange has done everything necessary to prepare. It began the day after her birth by entering the State Council. Amalia is a member, but she is not yet performing any official duties: she wants to focus on her studies.

So it looks like the King is in place for a while. He said it himself on his podcast Through the eyes of the king: The past ten years have passed and yesterday I felt that he was behind his mother. If something happened to the king, Amalia would ask her mother Máxima to take over as head of state for a number of years, she said in her autobiography. “But I basically said to my parents: Keep eating healthy and exercising a lot.”

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