February 2, 2023

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in the picture.  Unique outfit for Olivia, posh Pauline and shiny Sam Ryder: the artists shine in Q-Pop |  showbiz

in the picture. Unique outfit for Olivia, posh Pauline and shiny Sam Ryder: the artists shine in Q-Pop | showbiz

showbizThe cream of the Flemish artist world will be present at the first edition of Q-Pop on Saturday night. Bazart, Camille, Regi, Pommelien Thijs, Metejoor and Berre, among others, give their best in Antwerp Sportpaleis. He will also perform international hits like Eurovision revelation Sam Ryder and British singer-songwriter Tom Grennan during the big gala for radio station Qmusic. One thing was already clear on the red carpet: Flanders celebrities – just like Sam Ryder – haven’t looked sequins more or less. And it sounded unanimous: “If ever there was a night you could stand out, it’s this one.”


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Dutch duo Susan and Frank He opted for a look that was distinct, but was also very comfortable at the same time.

Susan and Frank. © Photonews.com

Gentlemen bazaartModern, as usual. Mathieu Therrien finished off his outfit with dark nail polish. “I loved it,” said the singer.


bazaart. © Photonews.com

The most glamorous look on the red carpet? no doubt Olivia. “This outfit was designed especially for me by Selm Tonk,” says the singer. “I really wanted to shine on the red carpet, so a gold outfit like this is a good choice. On top of that, I’ve recently had copper colored hair, and this fits—I think—very well together.”

Olivia’s hair also got an extra festive touch. “When I was in Sportpaleis with Regi, I had diamonds in my hair,” it sounds like. “I wanted to do it again today because it really completes my look.”


Olivia. © Photonews.com

Olivia's hair also got an extra glamorous accent.

Olivia’s hair also got an extra glamorous accent. © Photonews.com

Not a costume with a lot of shine, but a cute and cool: look Berry. He smiles: “I didn’t think about it for long.” “I am especially happy that I can stand here today, too, among all these great artists.”


Berry. © Photonews.com

reg And Pauline walked the red carpet together. “This dress wasn’t made specifically for me, but I really thought it was something for me,” the singer laughs. “If you’re in Sportpaleis, you’re allowed shine. Besides, it’s been a reggae show since I’ve been on stage. So I really want to dance tonight! “

Reggie and Pauline.

Reggie and Pauline. © Photonews.com

also Yap Raisima in the party.

Yap Raisima.

Yap Raisima. © Photonews.com

Dutchman Fleming He didn’t have to walk the red carpet empty-handed: He’s won two awards. It sounded beaming “how cool, thanks to everyone who is supporting me”.


Fleming. © Photonews.com

Singer Hannah MayAnd the meteor and his sister Lisa.

Singer Hanna Mae, Meteor and his sister, Lisa.

Singer Hanna Mae, Meteor and his sister, Lisa. © Photonews.com

or meteor As it showed itself from a different side? My God …


meteor. © Photonews.com

British singer and songwriter Tom Greenan He was very interested in it. “I’m so glad to be here,” he said apologetically, “but I don’t know any of your stars.”

Tom Greenan.

Tom Greenan. © Photonews.com

She didn’t reveal the stylist responsible for her look, however Camille Luckily he wanted to pose for our photographer.


Camille. © Photonews.com

“My clothes have a ’60s vibe to them, but I haven’t thought about that in a long time,” he laughs. Pommelien Thijs. “I went pre-show shopping at a thrift store, which is where I found this dress. Then I cut a piece off, and voila!”

Pommelien Thijs.

Pommelien Thijs. © Photonews.com

Not to be missed of course: DJ from Qmusic.

DJ Qmusic.

DJ Qmusic. © Photonews.com

The British revelation of Eurovision Sam Ryder Undress most striking. “I wanted to shine. Do you think it worked?”

Sam Ryder.

Sam Ryder. © Photonews.com

Also watch this interview with Berre about Q-Pop:

Q-pop: Olivia, Pauline, and Sam Ryder.

Q-pop: Olivia, Pauline, and Sam Ryder. ©PN

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