October 3, 2023

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In the US, you can now buy PS5 directly from Sony

In the US, you can now buy PS5 directly from Sony

from PS5 He’s been out for about a year now. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to buy the new console. We know there are several reasons for this. From speculators to pandemic and chip shortages. They are all interconnected. One takes care of the other. This is a huge drama for gamers who haven’t been able to sign up for PS5 yet and don’t want to buy expensive packages or pay exorbitant prices. In the US, PlayStation has finally come up with a possible solution: you just have to buy the console directly from them at the suggested retail price. How beautiful then…

There are a lot of rules to get PS5

Sony has already set up a website in the US. You can enter your name on the site. This way you get a chance PS5 To score when inventory is replenished next month. However, there are a number of rules. For example, you must have a Playstation Network account. You must also have a subscription like note Plus or PS Now. Unfortunately for us, you also need to have a US address. So unfortunately that is not possible here yet. In addition, you can also order only one console. So you pay the official price.

Will Sony also provide this in Holland

It remains to be seen if this will be the solution to the problem of excessive prices, bundles and speculators on Marktplaats and eBay. Unfortunately we don’t have the service in the Netherlands yet, but I think we all think Sony should launch this initiative here in the Netherlands as well. Everyone understands that there is not enough stock, only those exorbitant prices that shopkeepers are now asking for, and no one pays them. And PlayStation can put an end to that by itself. Do you think they will also release it in the Netherlands? Would you buy PS5 here? Let me know in the comments.

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