June 10, 2023

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‘Inappropriate’: Countess Eloise comes under fire for wearing a swimsuit in ‘Picture Perfect’ Dutch TV show | Property

PropertyDutch Countess Eloise van Oranje caused a stir after she donned a swimsuit for a photo shoot in RTL 4’s ‘Photo Perfection on a Journey’ programme. “Unsuitable as a member of the royal family,” he appears here and there. However, the king also receives a lot of support.

The passage of Countess Eloise van Oranje in RTL4’s “Picture Perfection in Flight”, in which she wears an elegant black bathing suit, has led to much discussion. On the RTL Boulevard talk show, royal expert Jeroen Snell said he finds the summer photo shoot inappropriate. “I think it’s a border trap,” he says. “The edge is being sought. As far as I’m concerned, she never should have done that. She’s so famous and it’s of course nice to be on the show, but she’s still a member of the royal family.” Columnist Angela de Young totally agrees with Snel. She wrote that “Beatrix choked on tea when I showed her the stately ‘Pomponellas’. I understand her well.”

Countess Eloise in “Picture Perfect” on RTL4. © RTL4 / RTL4

Picture Perfection in Flight jury William Rotten thinks the criticism is exaggerated. Nobody expected her to be on the show. It’s very flattering and I notice she doesn’t feel better than the others at all. I think you really get to know her on this show and I’m sure viewers will go close to their hearts. She’s just a cute young Dutch girl who’s in pursuit of her goal. That’s what you’re supposed to do in this program. So I do not understand all the fuss. At RTL Boulevard, we’re seeing more people in swimwear, right? The first broadcast with Eloise van Oranje attracted 1,700,000 viewers.

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Pretty woman

Eloise van Oranje is also receiving a lot of support on social media. From “She’s a beautiful young woman” and “Men should shut up about women’s clothing” to “It’s her life and her body. That the royal family must always act so delicately is complete nonsense. Let them go, they’re people too.”

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