October 4, 2023

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India has identified the cause of the “responsible” train disaster, which killed 288 people |

India has identified the cause of the “responsible” train disaster, which killed 288 people |

The cause and those responsible for India’s worst train disaster in decades have been determined. This is what Indian Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnau told news agency ANI. The minister noted that an electronic signaling system was in place, but said it was “not appropriate” to give more details before the investigation report was ready.

At least 288 people were killed when three trains collided Friday in Balasore in the eastern state of Odisha, according to a preliminary report. “A change in the electronic protection of roads was the cause of the accident,” the minister said, referring to the railway protection that is supposed to avoid collisions with trains. “The culprit and the manner in which the accident occurred will be announced after a proper investigation,” the minister said.

There is still much confusion about the cause of the accident, but the Times of India newspaper said on Sunday that “human error” may have caused the two trains to collide. The newspaper quoted from a preliminary report.

The newspaper wrote that the Coromandel Express, between Kolkata and Madras, was given the green light to run on the main track on Friday, but was diverted due to human error to a track already occupied by a freight train. The passenger train collided with the freight train at a speed of about 130 kilometers per hour. Three carriages ended up on a nearby track and collided with an express train between Bangalore and Kolkata. The newspaper, quoting the report, said that this collision caused the most damage.

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look. The carriages of a passenger train derail after colliding in India