February 6, 2023

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Infinite is getting its first major demo of 2023 — that’s the games

As Torchlight: Infinite gears up for its first major update of 2023, XD Games has introduced the exciting new dungeon crawler hero, Erika. She’ll join the existing roster of playable characters when the Blacksail season goes live on January 12, 2023. Not only that, XD introduces two new hero traits for Rehan and Moto, opening up more creative gameplay options. Those who pre-register prior to Torchlight: Infinite Season 2 can automatically earn a range of in-game rewards (details below).

In this new season, fishermen embark on a daring quest to the endless sea of ​​void. There’s plenty more lurking in these deadly waters, including Torchlight: Infitie’s biggest challenge yet: the majestic Pirate King, lord of the Sea of ​​Void.

RPG fans will have a lot to look forward to as Blacksail season kicks off with a wealth of new content and features to discover. There will be more ways than just customizing and honing your character builds while also adding new gear for loot and loading up on the Hero Relic item.

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