December 4, 2022

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Influencer Yentl Keuppens (30) was outraged by rude demand from the company while in hospital

Influencer Yentl Keuppens (30) was outraged by rude demand from the company while in hospital

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Yentl Keuppens (30), aka FIVE pink ambition She’s making a living as an influencer these days. Because of the many collaborations with companies, the money is flowing fast. However, the Flemish Brabant woman ended up in hospital on Wednesday, as a result of which she is no longer able to do her job. But that didn’t stop the company from blatantly asking it to create a post featuring one of its products. “Can you still take pictures and wear nice clothes?”

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Today her Instagram page has around 172,000 followers, a fan base that companies are just happy to jump into. A handful of publications where Yentl Keuppens advertises their products makes their cash register ring with passion. For the businessman, who was a guest at the stunning premiere of zillionMovie Is It Effect big job. No matter how perfect their lives may seem, influencers, like Jean, are not without health problems. The day after the spectacular movie night, Coppins ended up in the hospital and forced to stop her activities. I’m waiting to make.

Apparently one of the companies didn’t mind being harassed and contacted the influencer without embarrassment and asked for a post. “Hi Yentl, I posted your package yesterday afternoon,” the email begins from the respective customer. “You should have received this today. But I saw you in the hospital. Can any of your family or friends take him to the hospital? Then you can take pictures there,” the person writes with dead seriousness. “Maybe they can also bring you nice clothes instead of that blue suit?” , the woman goes one step further.

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The shocked Keuppens decided to share the wonderful request with her followers. “This is really loose,” she laments her Instagram Stories. “I wasn’t there for fun at all, and I definitely didn’t use it as a filming location. How can you think that way?” she says incomprehensibly.

The influencer also says she would never post such things, but now does so exceptionally well because “some people really go a lot.” “This person treats me disrespectfully. I would never want to work with someone like that again,” Coppins concludes.