September 24, 2022

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Instagram enables direct payment of products via live chat – IT Pro – News

There are several points we will discuss now.

Metaverse nice evolution?
Technically strong, as it’s the modern “Sims” of Second Life. But I haven’t seen anything yet and it’s still a ‘picture of the future’ or something vague.

Buying impulse.
This is what I say. I’m not an online buyer, I definitely don’t click on an ad or post to buy something directly. Perhaps for guidance.
I note that the current world (and not just young people!) likes to take advantage of this.

Impulse Grocery, 10 minute delivery, free returns.
Monthly subscription for bike, scooter, phone, etc. (The positive side is up to the moment, partial products can be very positive if they are put to good use, financially and for the world and each other)

I do groceries once a week, 4 people. And a few times off from work or during the weekend for something delicious or “different” than planned. It’s about thinking ahead and knowing what you use at least weekly. how boring it looks
I order online selectively and make sure I don’t have to go back. Or pick up at the store because I couldn’t shop during the promotion or the store is in stock.

But people are busy, ordering when they can’t sleep, waiting for the bus or some other ‘boring moment’ various shorts, gadgets, bags and they’re not delivered in bulk but all shipped separately or (in the background) from different parties and thus different locations.

It might be the side where the world is heading. Much has to be quick and temporary.