May 26, 2022

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Instagram fraud Anna Sorokin has been deported from the US

Instagram fraudster Anna Sorokin has been deported from the United States

Anna ‘Delvi’ Sorokin, a well-known fraudster from the Netflix series Discovering Anna, Trying to prevent deportation from the United States. Says her lawyer. The US media had earlier reported that he would be leaving the country soon. There has been great confusion over where Sorokin has been in recent days.

Sorokin (31) Sentenced in 2019 He was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison, but was eventually released on parole after four years. He was later detained by the US Immigration Service ICE. The US media is now reporting that Sorokin should return to Germany soon.

In the summer of 2013, Sorokin arrived in New York. The then 22-year-old woman changed her last name to Delvi and played a wealthy German heir. In fact, his parents were Russian immigrants to Germany. His father was a truck driver and later a businessman.

Until his arrest in 2017, Sorokin fooled everyone around him and shared his fake social life on his Instagram account. He said he has $ 67 million in trust funds in his name. He stayed in private hotels, took a private jet without paying and stole $ 250,000 from New York banks. Netflix series Discovering Anna Based on her treacherous life.

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