November 29, 2022

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Installing a charging station at home: what should you pay attention to?  How much does it cost?  † living.

Installing a charging station at home: what should you pay attention to? How much does it cost? † living.

liviusNow that we are starting to drive more and more with electricity, owning our own charging station is no longer an unnecessary luxury. The installation, of course, is not free. But how much does it cost? And what should you consider if you want to install a charging station at home? building site livius Explains what you need to know.

Written by Matthias Marin, in collaboration with Livius

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In the coming years, we will face a revolution in the world of cars. From 2026, all commercial vehicles must be zero-emissions. From 2029, this will apply to every new vehicle, including individuals. The transition to an electric vehicle is already underway. For example, more and more public charging stations are being added. But those who already own or plan to buy an electric car would prefer to be able to charge their car at home.

How much is it?

from U.S charging station It is better to save an average budget of 1500 euros. The price depends, among other things, on capacity. to me Compulsory inspection There is an additional 100 euros. The Installation costs It varies for each installer, but can add up to several hundred euros quickly.

Until the end of this year you are entitled to Tax exemption 45% with a maximum of 1500 euros. There are conditions attached to this. The charging station must use green energy (eg via solar panels) and must have a control system that can control the charging time and power. In 2023, tax benefits will drop to 30%. In 2024 it will still be 15 percent.

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Can you also charge a car via a socket?

In any case, it is not recommended to charge your electric car via a “normal” socket. This is possible in theory, but has risks in practice. European plugs have not been tested to withstand such high power for long hours. Charging via socket is also a lot slower. The charging speed of the charging station is up to seven times higher than that of a traditional socket.

How do you install the charging station?

If the financial picture is correct, the question remains: How do you install this charging station at home? Anyone wishing to claim tax benefits is required to install the charging station by a recognized vessel. Installing it yourself will ultimately cost you a little. The charging point must be connected to a separate circuit and fuse. A new examination afterwards is therefore mandatory.

When installing, you should check whether your home has a single-phase or three-phase electricity connection. This is important to be able to determine the charging speed. It’s also a good idea to keep the distance between the charging station and the parking space as short as possible. The closer the charging station is to the fuse box, the simpler (and cheaper) the installation.

Do you have solar panels? Then it is entirely possible to connect green electricity to the charging station and use your generated electricity to charge your car. The charging point can also read home consumption and adjust the electric vehicle’s power supply to other consumption. As a consumer, you prevent network overload and reduce peak consumption. with the aim of entering Capacity mid 2022 This is an interesting point of interest.

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