May 29, 2023

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Intel comes with a Raptor Lake processor that can reach speeds of up to 6 GHz – Computer – News

In fact, the entire computer does not run that fast. There is no scenario where the computer uses only one core.
Even if your application is using only one core, Windows is still busy with a lot of nonsense in the background and all your applications like RGB software etc, since you are always looking for a dual core scenario and this boost is already less. In gaming, you always look at all the base turbo scenarios which will be well below 6GHz.

By tweaking and turning off a lot of processes and removing services you can achieve one basic hour, but nowadays you have to take really weird steps for that. For example, all software and services are forced into a single core via core convergence and this takes days to set up.

For example, my TB and mouse were forced into the latest physical kernel in the following way: I removed the device from the services menu and then put a shortcut in the boot menu like this for all my apps that need to run.

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C start “”/affinity 4000″C:\Program Files (x86)\ROCCAT\ROCCAT Swarm\ROCCAT_Swarm_Monitor.exe” 0

4000 is the kernel that runs and you find out that you have to do a binary conversion to find out this number. This way, all the apps run on one core and there is a higher chance, but not guaranteed, of reaching the maximum speed of your watch. Without these tweaks and the like, in cinebench it didn’t get more than 4.8GHz (4 turbo core for my CPU).
Now Turbo 1 and 2 are the same for me, so the question is if this also works with the newer single core models.

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All in all, it’s more of a sales promotion than really useful.

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