June 5, 2023

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Intel introduces Alder Lake PS processors for iot devices – Computer – News

Intel announced a new series of processors within the Alder Lake generation, intended for applications of the Internet of Things. CPUs were formerly called Alder Lake PS and now fall under the P, U, and H series processors.

iot processors come in different configurations within the E and L subgroups, with the higher models designated by the denominator of HE and HL. These CPUs have a maximum of 14 cores and 20 threads and a maximum TDP of 60W based on the boost clock frequency. The string becomes H Designated by Intel as 45W, which is the basic flow condition. All the i7 and i5 variants in the H series have the Iris Xe GPU with 48 to 96 eus. The processors in this series support DDR5 and DDR4 memory with a clock frequency of 4800 and 3200 MHz, respectively, and the E-series also has LPDDR5-5200 and LPDDR4x-4267 memory.

The new UL processors have a maximum of 10 cores and 12 pins, a base TDP of 15W and a maximum of 90 EU on the Iris Xe GPU. Residual IncludedProcessors under the denominator PE and UE have a maximum of 12 cores and 16 threads, support for all listed memory types, and a base TDP of 28 and 15 watts, respectively. Only the i3 and Celeron versions within the previous Alder Lake PS series processors were equipped with Intel UHD Graphics.

According to Intel, all chips use a netball setFor a relatively low profile, iot chips can be easily integrated into embedded devices. Many of the advertised Alder Lake PS processors, such as similar CPUs from de Modern NUC 12 Pro Kits vPro Enterprise support.

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