December 1, 2023

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Intel Meteor Lake computation tiles run in lab, ‘meets expectations’ – Computer – News

Intel confirmed that it will do so tile calculation Fourteenth generation Meteor Lake CPUs are running in the lab. The company claims that this chip meets the expectations that the chip manufacturer had. Meteor Lake CPUs should be released in 2023.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Assures shareholders that the company operated its first Meteor Lake account tiles this fiscal quarter and conducted preliminary tests on it. “This quarter I got out of the factory and started in 30 minutes with an excellent performance, where we expected it to be,” the CEO said.

Meteor Lake is manufactured under the Intel 4 process, which according to the Intel CEO is currently on schedule. Gelsinger claims it’s “one of the best production starts” Intel has seen in recent years. Intel 4 was known as Intel 7nm. This process was initially on the roadmap for 2021, but It was postponed last year to “2022 or 2023”.

Intel stated that the cause of the problems the company had around this node has now been found in january. So the development should now go well and according to current planning. Giant Concrete Making Chips in july That production of chips on Intel 4 will begin in the second half of 2022, and that the first products are planned for 2023.

Intel Meteor Lake

Meteor Lake: Tiles in a Vovirus Packaging

Meteor Lake It is the 14th generation of CPUs from Intel. These CPUs are planned for 2023 and should succeed Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors. They will be the company’s first consumer processors with a stack design composed of various tiles. For example, Meteor Lake chips will have an extension tile calculation With different high-performance cores and low-power cores.

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CPUs also have GPU tiles with 96 to 192 implementation units and SoCThe With input/output components, such as PCIe and memory controllers. These are linked together via Intels Vovirus technology for the chipPackaging. According to Intel, processors get a TDP of 5 to 125 watts, depending on the variant. Intel will likely come with different Meteor Lake variants for laptops and desktops.

Intel quarterly results

Intel also introduced this week quarterly results a favour. The company has created a profile traveledRevenues of $18.1 billion. This represents a 5 percent increase over the same quarter of 2020 and is also $100 million higher than the company’s expectations expressed in the previous quarter. The company generated net income of $6.8 billion, up from $4.3 billion in the third quarter of 2020. Delivering fewer laptop processors. According to Gelsinger, this is due to a lack of other components, such as LCD screens and WiFi modules.

The company also confirms that the first discrete Intel Arc Alchemist gaming graphics cards are still on the roadmap for the first quarter of 2022, though the company has yet to announce specific release dates. The company has long indicated that it is working on discrete GPUs for gamers and announced in August released under the Intel Arc naming convention.

Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs are still planned for this quarter. Rumor has it that these processors will be officially announced on Wednesday, October 27 or Thursday, October 28, and the chips will go on sale a week later. These processors are intended for desktop and laptop computers and have two different types of cores; Super-threaded strong P cores, and efficient electronic cores without over-threading. Tweakers was posted earlier this year preview About the next Jill Alder Lake.

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