November 27, 2022

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interactions.  Hendrik van Kromburg was not a tender for Anderlecht after disgrace, Phyllis Matsu 'don't understand some things'

interactions. Hendrik van Kromburg was not a tender for Anderlecht after disgrace, Phyllis Matsu ‘don’t understand some things’


Another sad evening for Anderlecht. Purple and White lost 3-2 on the thirteenth day of the game at Red Swult Wargame. The gap on Commander Genk is already 19 points…

Vincent van Gensten, Quinn van Uetvang

“You quickly fall behind with a throw-in and this is not the first time this season. However, we were warned about it,” said goalkeeper and captain Hendrik van Kromburg. “Then we came back to the game after a long period of VAR and then we took the lead. At that point we were also in control of the game, but then that stupid red card went down and everything went down together. This is a blow to the whole team and the coach. It’s not easy now, But giving up is not an option. We have to keep working on those things that are not going well now, and there are a lot of them. So we have a lot of work to do.”

The question now is: How long will coach Felice Matsu last? “What does this mean for the coach? We stand behind him as a group, we always have. Even after today. We have to show ourselves as players on the field and win matches. But after Zolt Warghem won 3-2 we still had six minutes to play and yet I felt There is little confidence in the team.”


Matsu: “There are things I don’t understand.”

“It was a match where a lot happened,” said Matsu. “The weather and the rain played their part, there was the red card for us and the red card that Zolt Wargem didn’t get in the 30th minute for a foul on Fabio Silva. The boys tried, in a difficult field, but in the end we lose. But things happened that I don’t understand. “.

“We were 1-2 and went down by ten. We decided to defend in a block and hope for turnovers. Those chances were there, to make 1-3 and 1-4, for Fabio Silva. But if you don’t have killer instinct and prefer calm over finishing it, that’s what happens. Why did he come Esposito? Because we were 10 and could use some freshness, the Anderlecht coach said: “Silva has worked a lot already and in three days there will be another match.”

“Have you spoken to Wouter Vandenhaute (who appeared again in the dressing room, editor)?” Matsuo said. “Tomorrow there is training, I will be there and prepare the group for Sunday’s game. That the players came to me after 1-2? This is symbolic. This proves that the band has been good from the start. But the results are not there. I don’t feel like talking about failure. The booth doesn’t look good, but there are good things too: our bond, the way we work in training, and the desire to succeed.”

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