November 27, 2022

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interactions.  The Red Devils are remarkably positive (but a little upset) after the defeat: "It's always the same with you, tap"

interactions. The Red Devils are remarkably positive (but a little upset) after the defeat: “It’s always the same with you, tap”

Thibaut Courtois: “We have taken over the Netherlands today”

“We still dominate the Netherlands today,” our national guard was remarkably positive. “We could easily score four or five goals, but we don’t. I think it’s not that bad actually, maybe in the end we’re a little bit lower when they score and they also have more chances, but otherwise we controlled it. I think we were the only team that did.” Create dangerous chances. If Eden Hazard plays that ball at the start, you get another game. I don’t think we’re playing a bad game.”

“It’s always the same with you, press. The World Cup won’t take place until November. Whether we win, draw or lose, everyone should be good in the World Cup. We don’t play the best game, I agree with you, but we don’t play the worst either. Certainly not. Tomorrow in the press you read:bad bad“No, it wasn’t bad. We played against a team we beat 1-4 in Brussels. Today we dominated them and created chances. It’s a shame we didn’t score ourselves, we didn’t have that attacking efficiency. Then we take a goal in the fixed stage, it can happen.” That’s why we lost 1-0. I don’t think it’s so dramatic. In the World Cup, it’s November’s form that matters, not September. For the same amount we won 7-0 today and you’re out of the World Cup group stage. Everything is possible there.”

And Courtois concluded his speech, saying: “We should not worry.” “We played well until the goal against. Even Van Gaal told me that. We controlled them. It didn’t matter that I had to save the ball at the end. We should forget everything that happened after the goal. The World Cup is in November, not now. We can also win.” 5-0, being cheerful and then losing all the World Cup matches. Football is about moments and it was interesting to learn from them. I will talk about that internally. We need to be more strong in the box and improve that for the World Cup. But Van Dick is the most dangerous on the stationary stages and Klassen pushed me. That block was clever of them.”

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Amadou Onana: “For the World Cup, this was a good preparatory match”

“Of course it wasn’t easy, we had to score three times to keep going,” reacted the debutante at the base. “We had quite a few chances. If we finish that it will be a different match. Absence of Lukaku? Romelu plays an important role in our game. But we have the quality in the group to finish those chances.”

“There were good things and less good things. It’s up to us to look at that and do better next time. But in terms of the World Cup, it was a good preparatory match. I’m not worried at all. This is a competition we can build on. I have faith in the future of course.” It wasn’t easy, we had to score three times to keep going.”

On his chance, which was saved by Pasphere: “That could have given a little boost. I am also trying to contribute something aggressively. The national coach asks me that too. I was not lucky. Hopefully the next one will come.”

What if he thinks he scored points to be in the World Cup selection later? “I don’t focus on that. I focus on what happens on the field. The road to Qatar is through good performances on the pitch. I did everything I could and did everything I could to help the team. It was a good enough match for me.”


Jan Vertonghen: ‘I didn’t think we did so badly’

“I didn’t think we did so badly,” said the left-back. “I didn’t have a bad feeling about this match. Of course we came here to win. If we get that goal early, they might get a little nervous. We had that good opportunity three or four minutes later with Eden (Hazard, red), who hit the ball over it. We’ll play. Definitely better matches, but we definitely played worse.”

“I thought we were in control, just not so much in the chances that they cleared. Just like in the second half of the first leg, Holland let our middle defender (then Boyata, the red) on the ball a lot and that was now also with Toby Alderweireld. But he did it really well. To keep trying to get to the deep man. Maybe we could have made more use of the space they gave us at the end. Maybe we missed some punches up front, but as the game progresses, especially after 1-0, you take more risks and they get more chances.”