December 7, 2023

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Introducing Six Days Ghent Eighty: “It will be a Covid safe event” |  Lotto Gent Six Days

Introducing Six Days Ghent Eighty: “It will be a Covid safe event” | Lotto Gent Six Days

Next week, from Tuesday 16 to Sunday 21 November, the 80th edition of the six days of Ghent will be held. The anniversary version was presented this afternoon at City Hall. Given the high numbers of Corona, the measures were expected. They will come, but the “Gentzi Winter Festival” will stand still.

Organizer Christoph Empins and Alderman Sport Sofie Brack explained the measures of corona. “There will be strict separation between the riders and the audience present,” Empains reports.

“Under the current circumstances, riders cannot be allowed to take selfies with fans. The arena will be completely redesigned.”

“The central plaza is reserved and continues to be reserved for ticket holders in the central plaza. Ticket holders in the stands will not be able to occupy any place other than their seats.”

“Adequate ventilation and fresh air will be pumped into the Kuipke. It is highly recommended to wear a mouth mask when attendees are on the move.”

The central plaza is still reserved for ticket holders in the central plaza, and only ticket holders in the stands can sit there.

Organizer Christoph Empins

“The Security Council is on November 19, but don’t expect everything to shut down suddenly.”

Schepen Bracke asks attendees to act prudently and responsibly at the six-day event at Ghent. “There will also be no restrictions on the number of spectators. We expect about 7,000 people every evening in Kuipke.”

“People and cycling enthusiasts par excellence have been looking forward to this a lot. We have taken a number of measures to ensure everything is running as safely as possible.”

“The six days will be a Covid safe event: everyone will be screened for a Covid Safe Pass before entering ‘t Kuipke.”

Some have questioned the organization of the event, as it was canceled last year due to Corona. Things are not going that fast now: “We will continue to monitor the current numbers closely. For now, a cycling event can definitely happen.”

“We are following the instructions of the federal government. The next meeting of the Security Council is scheduled for November 19. This is only for the six-day period of Ghent, but I do not expect that everything will stop suddenly,” he added.

“If everyone takes responsibility, this can become a real cycling party.”

There will be no limit to the number of spectators. If everyone takes charge, this could be a real cycling party.

Sophie Braque’s ships

Impressive range of participants

From a mathematical point of view, the organization presents a distinct field. Kenny de Keitel rides there, along with Robbe Ghys, his last six days on the country, and later completes his career at Six Days of Rotterdam. By the way, the two defended their 2019 title, in 2020 there was no six-day event in Ghent due to Corona.

Another favorite player, Iljo Keisse, will be paired with Britain’s Mark Cavendish. As a duo they won in Zurich in 2014, they have already ridden in Ghent twice: second in 2014 and fourth in 2019. Keisse is “Keizer van ‘t Kuipke” with 7 total wins. Cavendish won at Ghent in 2016 alongside Bradley Wiggins.

Along with pairs De Ketele-Ghys and Keisse-Cavendish, it’s definitely worth looking forward to Danish world and Olympic champions, Michael Morkoff and Lacey Norman Hansen.

Mørkøv actually won the Ghent Six Days award in 2009, then with Alex Rasmussen. He was also allowed to sit on top of a scaffold in 2015, then with Iljo Keisse.

Jasper de Boist, winner in 2013 with Leif Lampater and in 2014 with Kenny De Ketele, will be sent on the road this year with German Lotto teammate Roger Kluge.

“And there are still people who are initially clean,” said suitor Christophe Sirko. “European champions Jweri Havic and Jan Willem van Schep are also in attendance. The Dutch are definitely favorites for the overall win.”

“The entire Belgian duo with Otto Vergaerde and Jules Hesters is also knocking on the door. Tuur Dens makes his debut at this six-day event. I paired him up with experienced Marc Hester. I think the field of participants is very impressive. These 6 pairs should ensure Days of sport and high excitement.”

Participating teams:

  • Michael Murkoff / Lacey Norman Hansen (Religion)
  • Yori Havic / Jan Willem van Schep (Ned)
  • Kenny D. Keitel / Rob Geese (Bill)
  • Iljo Keisse / Mark Cavendish (Bill / Britain)
  • Otto Vergerdi / Jules Hesters (contact)
  • Jasper de Boist / Roger Kluge (Bill / Doi)
  • Fabio van den Bosch / Lindsay de Felder (Bell)
  • Michele Scartzini/Gerpen Tejsen (ETA/Bell)
  • Jonas Rickert / Sylvain Delier (Bill / Zoe)
  • Roy Peters/Michael Zieglard (Ned)
  • Tor Danes / Mark Hester (Bill / Dunn)
  • Morgan Knesky/Matthias Malmberg (FRA/DN)

Six Days Future, Women’s Omnium, G Sport, Bashir Abdi

In addition to the actual Six Days of Ghent, there is space again this year for Future Six Days at ‘t Kuipke, as well as a short program for elite women and G athletes.

Five Belgium teams will start the promise from Tuesday to Sunday in Toekomstzesdaagse. The women’s elite will race on Friday and the points race the following day. Athletes G’s turn will be on day two of the six-day race with a time trial of over 500m, a time trial over 10 laps and a chase over 2,500m.

Bashir Abdi is the one who will start the 80th edition of the Six Days.

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