July 20, 2024

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Investors paid 5.6 billion euros in taxes last year |  internal

Investors paid 5.6 billion euros in taxes last year | internal

This is evidenced by the figures released by the Federal Public Finance Ministry on Tuesday. Securities tax is a tax on securities accounts with an average value of more than 1 million euros. The standard rate is 0.15 percent. Last year during budget negotiations, the tax was finally left untouched. The increase was on the table during the government summit negotiations.

De Croo’s government introduced a tax that applies to both natural and legal persons (companies, foundations and non-profit organizations). The tax has been due since February 26, 2021. In the fall of 2019, the Constitutional Court annulled the first version of the tax submitted by the previous government. The rate in the new securities tax has remained at 0.15 percent, but the approaches are different.

Last year, the tax on stock exchange transactions brought in less money: 349.2 million euros versus 447.5 million euros. Stock exchange tax is imposed on the purchase and sale of securities.

Finally, withholding tax generated €4.88 billion in 2022, of which €3.73 billion was in withholding tax on dividends. There is a significant increase here: for 2021, respectively, 3.93 billion and 2.83 billion euros appear in the tables.

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