December 9, 2022

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iOS 15.6 First Beta Came Out (And That’s So Surprising)

Just a couple of days ago, you could update your iPhone to iOS 15.5† With iOS 16 in our eyes, we thought iOS 15.5 might be the latest version of iOS 15 could be. wrong! iOS 15.6 beta 1 is now released, successor to 15.5. For the iPad, iPadOS 15.6 was released at the same time.

Still an update to iOS 15

iOS 16 It is a major iPhone update and will be revealed in a few weeks. However, Apple also has plans for iOS 15, because the first beta version has now appeared for iOS 15.6. For developers only for now, but we’re expecting a public beta release today as well — for anyone interested.

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iOS 15.6 beta 1: New features?

Apple hasn’t specified what’s new in this iOS version in beta. So we need to know what’s new from beta testers. Nothing came out at this time. If that changes, we will update this article.

Expect changes in details. And that this update will be mainly about minor bug fixes and improvements. It is not yet clear when everyone will be able to download this new software – we are usually a few more betas.

Big New iPhone Features This Fall

We expect major new functionality this fall, when iOS 16 comes out. Apple unveiled iOS 16 on June 6, during the first day of WWDC22

Some iOS 16 details have already emerged: Apple announced its existence earlier this week Many features of accessibility on your iPhone Including door detection and closed direct suspension. These jobs are actually intended for people with a physical disability, but may also be of interest to a larger target group.

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