March 29, 2023

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iOS 16: Safari - Tab groups, passkeys, and more

iOS 16: Safari – Tab groups, passkeys, and more

Perhaps the most used app on iPhone and iPad: the Apple Safari browser. This year’s major iPhone and iPad update will be released soon. So what’s new in this important app? We list for you the most impressive Safari 16 functions. In September, you’ll also find them on your iPhone. Also on the iPad with files iPad OS 16 and mac with macOS Ventura You may soon experience all these new Safari features.

1) Shared tab groups

Since iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, you can create groups of tabs. In such a group, you collect tabs on one topic. For example, recipes, vacation or work. Apple is still working on fixing new and tab groups iOS 16 is that you can share it with others. Participants can also add tabs themselves. But it’s definitely not the only change Apple makes to tab groups!

2) Tabs pinned into tab groups

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You can now pin important tabs to your tab group. This way your most important tabs are always in a prominent place. It also prevents you from accidentally overwriting them. You can pin a tab by holding it and clicking on the pin.

3) Your home page for the tabs group

The last change regarding tab groups: they will have their own home page from now on. With their own preferences and background. For example, choose an image that matches the theme of your tab group.

4) Sync more

To expand the functionality of Safari, there are extensions. This allows you to add buttons to the browser, for example. Or you can change something about the display. You can install them (already) via “Settings > Safari > Extensions”. New here is the option to share extensions across all your devices.

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In addition to extensions, website settings are also synced across all your devices. So if you set a website to always appear in Reader view on your iPhone, the same thing will happen on your iPad.

5) Website push notifications

On your Mac, you can receive notifications from websites. And soon that will also be the case on iPhone and iPad. By the way, this was not included in the first version of iOS 16. Apple announced the feature for 2023.

6) Passkeys: Easier and faster login

Passkeys are like digital keys for logging into websites and apps. They replace passwords and use biometric authentication. In other words: you sign in with your face (Face ID) or your fingerprint (Touch ID). No more 14-character symbols with inverted capital letters, numbers, and exclamation points. Passkeys are stored locally and according to Apple, are “almost impossible to crack”.

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