February 4, 2023

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iOS 16 will also support Nintendo's Joy-Cons and Pro Controller

iOS 16 will also support Nintendo’s Joy-Cons and Pro Controller

Today we see more and more interconnection between hardware and software from different manufacturers. Apple has already started with it the support from Sony’s DualSense controller, but Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers may be added to the Nintendo Switch soon.

It has become clear that Apple will support both controllers with the upcoming iOS 16 update. The American giant revealed the next version of iOS and the developer at WWDC Riley Titsot I couldn’t resist diving into the developer beta. The developer discovered that the Nintendo consoles work without any problems and through Apple’s engineering manager Nat Brown This has now been definitively confirmed.

In this way, almost all modern consoles are now supported: Sony’s DualSense, Xbox Series X | S, Joy-Cons, and Pro Controllers from the Nintendo Switch. iOS 16 should be released to the general public sometime this fall.

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