September 30, 2023

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iPhone 13 Shooting Styles: Discover the New Camera Feature!

iPhone 13 Shooting Styles: Discover the New Camera Feature!

iPhone 13 has received many new features and photography style is one of them. But what do these patterns actually do? How do you use it in your photos?

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What are the iPhone 13 shooting modes?

Photography Styles lets you adjust the style of a photo before it’s taken with you Iphone. It’s like the filter you put on your photos beforehand. However, there is one significant difference with the ordinary filter: the shooting style takes into account the content of the image. For example, your skin tone remains (largely) intact when you set a filter.

Photography styles are available at iPhone 13And iPhone 13 miniAnd iPhone 13 Pro employment iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Set Photography Styles

To use a photographic style, you must adjust the style before taking the photo. I chose the shooting style in the following way.

Taking Photographs on iPhone 13:

  1. Open the Camera app and tap the arrow at the top;
  2. Press the shooting style button at the bottom, which is the three-square button;
  3. Choose one of the patterns by swiping;
  4. If necessary, adjust “Tint” and “Warmth” using the two sliders;
  5. Take the photo as you normally would.
Photography style selfie

Shooting modes available on iPhone 13

When setting up a photo filter in the camera app, you can choose from several styles. These patterns are:

  • shortening
  • rich contrast
  • live
  • Warm
  • Wonderful

To make the image look warmer, use the style “Live” or “Warm”. Then the yellow tones get more emphasis. You can use the “Cool” option to make the image look a little cooler. Then more shades of blue are highlighted. You can also scroll under Hue or Warmth to create your own photography style.

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Compare Photography Styles

Turn off shooting mode

Photography style cannot be removed then, keep this in mind when taking your photos. You can still adjust the image afterwards the “normal” way, but then you can change the settings for the entire image.

If you don’t want to use a photographic style next time, you should turn off the feature first. You can do this by starting the Camera app, going to Shooting Styles and setting the Style to “Default”.

Choose shooting modes through settings

Patterns can also be found in the settings of your iPhone. You can do this by going to Settings > Camera > Shooting Styles. Here you can also see exactly what the patterns do. By pressing the blue button below, you turn on the shooting mode.

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Picture Style Settings

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