October 4, 2023

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Is Ancelotti laughing at Hazard?  Marc DeGrès fears that Aiden will remain on the bottom drawer of the Italian language |  foreign football

Is Ancelotti laughing at Hazard? Marc DeGrès fears that Aiden will remain on the bottom drawer of the Italian language | foreign football

After 203 days without, Eden Hazard (32) got another playing time in La Liga on Sunday. “Strange,” Marc DeGrze agrees. Our analyst guesses why. “Does Ancelotti laugh a bit with Hazard? It was 5-0… Agreed, he was the first to go in. But I would be surprised if Ancelotti suddenly turned his back on Eden. I don’t think Hazard can really hope as long as Ancelotti is in Madrid.”


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degrees. / Eden Hazard © VTM / Twitter

After the match against Valladolid, pictures of Eden Hazard circulated when he was told he could warm up more intensely to make a substitution. Hazard seems to be referring to himself – “Me?” , before leaving for the warm-up area with a big smile and a wink towards the bench. And whether the new opportunity is good. The former Red Devil created four chances in 25 minutes on Sunday and provided the assist for a 6-0 lead.

The video is circulating on Twitter. In the pictures we see Eden Hazard who was told he could warm up intensely with the aim of the raid. His reaction to the bank was amazing. Usually Eden too. First refers to himself – “I?” —, before going to the warm-up area with a big smile and a wink.

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look. For example, Hazard gave Vazquez 6-0

Not surprisingly, he felt some joy. Perhaps the new opportunity also came unexpectedly. But since Valladolid was no match for Real – the game had already been played at half-time – and Madrilin’s busy schedule in the coming weeks, Hazard was allowed to appear again. For the first time since January 3, when he failed to impress in the cup against Caserinho. It was also his first minutes in La Liga since September 11, 2022, when he was at the Bernabéu against Mallorca. So 203 days ago, more than half a year.

Luka Modric also knew that it had been a long time coming. Jokingly he helped Aden change and pulled down his sweatpants. Then Hazard had his chance, and then there wasn’t a minute to lose…

Eden Hazard.  / Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard. / Eden Hazard © Twitter / Twitter

Hazard came to comfort Benzema. An applause that soon turned into a whistle replaced the man who had come to replace him. A clear message from Real Madrid fans to his most expensive acquisition ever. A number of fans would prefer not to see their highest paid player (25 million a year) in a white shirt or on the field. It’s the surreal reality of a player who was still among the best in the Premier League and Europe in 2019.

As a misstep 9, Hazard shot on goal once every 25 minutes – that is, he shot a rebound over the crossbar. He missed that great opportunity. In the addition game show some assertiveness. With fourteen keys to the ball, he created four chances. In the end it was offered to Lucas Vazquez 6-0. Help is still on the counter. His first league game since August 2021. “It was an amazing assist,” Vazquez said.

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Some Spanish journalists wondered why Ancelotti was given Hazard and Odriozola’s abandoned chances, among other things, instead of some young talent. The explanation was simple: they played an important match, with his second team, Real Castilla, on Saturday afternoon.

Statistics for Eden Hazard.
Statistics for Eden Hazard. © Sofa Score

Modric helps Hazard.
Modric helps Hazard. © Twitter / Twitter

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