May 30, 2023

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Is it better to buy natural gas and electricity from the same supplier? Or are you going to power multiplayer? | MyGuide

Mine energyFour power players offer a flat rate for several weeks. This expands the options. But is it a good idea to buy natural gas and electricity from the same energy supplier? Do you benefit from it by always choosing the same price formula? performed the calculation.

By Kurt DiMahn, in association with Mijnenergie


Almost everyone chooses one supplier

According to the latest VREG Market Monitor Report from 2021, 92 percent of households indicate that they have the same resource for electricity and natural gas. Many people don’t realize that they can turn to different players for both forms of energy.

Naturally, energy suppliers themselves try to make sure that you choose the full package. The common price for electricity and natural gas is often offered to anyone running simulations on their websites. Energy suppliers also like to make it appear that the bundled supply is cheaper. But is this also the case?

Energy suppliers use various tricks to oblige you: This article reveals their strategy.

The cheapest natural gas, the cheapest electricity

An analysis of estimated annual prices in May shows that TotalEnergies offers the most attractive natural gas tariff with the Pixel, but the price for electricity from the same supplier isn’t among the top three on the market.

You pay the lowest by combining a natural gas contract with TotalEnergies and a huge electricity price (Group Green Flex). With fixed prices, the price sequence also looks different for electricity and natural gas.

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You should also keep in mind that price differences arise not only between suppliers themselves, but also between contracts of the same supplier. These differences may be due to the variety of services and options that suppliers provide with their contracts. Contracts with an online service are usually cheaper than versions with phone and mail support.

NB: Many have called for a social tariff, but now this subsidy is being withdrawn for about 400,000 families. From July 1, you will again pay “full amount” for electricity and gas use. This means that you pay hundreds of euros more for energy each year. Is there a solution to escape the financial collapse?

What is the effect of injection rate?

For solar panel and digital meter owners, the injection rate is also a deciding factor. With almost all energy suppliers, you will only receive payment for the power generated if you have also entered into a consumption contract.

This injection rate may also change the ratios, since the power supply that has the lowest consumption rate does not necessarily drive the highest injection rate.

advice: Check current injection rates at various suppliers here.

What about administrative troubles?

Therefore, in many cases, savings await you by unplugging energy suppliers from natural gas and electricity. The fact that this doesn’t happen often can be attributed to the “convenience” factor.

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However, switching is always easy. If you want to change the supplier, you only need to sign a contract with another supplier. So you do not have to cancel your existing contract. Your new supplier will arrange everything for you.

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