February 2, 2023

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Is the real release coming next week?

Is the real release coming next week?

It looks like the official release of iOS 16.2 won’t be long since a release candidate has now appeared. These features are in iOS 16.2 RC.

Read on after the announcement.

iOS 16.2 RC Released: Official Release Coming Soon

Apple has already released several betas of iOS 16.2 in recent weeks. Now the RC (Release Candidate) has also been published. After the RC is released, the official release usually takes less than a week. This means that you will most likely get iOS 16.2 on December 15th Iphone can install. This will be approximately 19:00 Dutch time.

iOS 16.2: What’s new

With iOS 16.2, your iPhone is getting some new features. Below are the main ones, respectively.

1. Free form

With iOS 16.2 you get a new app called free form. You can see this app as a kind of digital whiteboard on which you can go off alone or together. You can rely on it to your heart’s content, post sticky notes, show off photos and videos, share PDFs, and so much more. The app is also available at IPAD and the mac.

free form

2- Apple Music sings

Do you have an Apple Music subscription? Then you get something extra special in iOS 16.2 (that’s RC). Apple releases Apple Music Sing. This is a great karaoke feature that you can enjoy to sing Shout out with your favorite songs. Not all songs support the new sing-along function yet, but more songs are being added all the time.

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Apple music sings

3. New widgets

There are a few new lock screen widgets for your iPhone. These are sleep (English: sleep) and medicines (English: medicines). With the Sleep app, you can view your sleep habits data. The Medication widget lets you know when it’s the right time to take your medication.

4. Always on display

You didn’t have many options for tweaking during the release of iOS 16 and many iPhone 14 Pro (Max) owners also find the always-on display to be too bright. That will change with iOS 16.2.

Now you can, among other things, turn off the background and not show notifications on the screen anymore. Want to know more about what’s new on Always On Display? Then read the article below.

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always available

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