February 6, 2023

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Is this a good idea?

Especially for the appearance Memorizes (translated as Spare) Some English bookstores opened as early as midnight. Although the literary quality leaves something to be desired, Prince Harry’s biography is full of revelations. Morning The book scans you on the basis of four passages.

Mary Sligber

“II was twenty years old when I first heard what my father said to my mother on the day of my birth: “Wonderful. You have now given me an heir and a reserve. My work is done.”

Nothing Spare Biographical title of Britain’s Prince Harry. The book was published on Tuesday night and is part of a real publicity stunt. Earlier, there was already a six-part series on Netflix about the life of Harry and his wife, Megan. On Sunday, two more raucous interviews on British and American television were added. And now there is a book full of revelations.

“The prince has laid himself on the therapy couch,” says Harry de Baebe, an expert on UK affairs. He reads the world along with the big and small things in his life. We learn details about his beard, but we also find out a lot about the bad relationship he had with his brother William. Plus, he’s open about his biggest trauma: the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Given the large sums involved (Harry and Meghan reportedly made $93 million from the Netflix series alone, MS) Can’t you tell me money is not an issue. But Harry also wants to come to terms with himself and share his story with the rest of the world.”

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“He put in the water, scolded me and came to me. It all happened so quickly. William grabbed me by the collar, ripped my chain and knocked me to the ground. I landed on the dogs chest, which broke under my back.”

By a curious mistake, the resume was already in Spanish bookstores last Thursday. The most startling revelation has now been leaked. For example, it was already known that in 2019 a quarrel occurred between Harry and William.

“Prince Harry doesn’t seem very smart and consistent to me,” says de Pape. “Any reasonable person would understand that these kinds of revelations are hurtful. He expels his family, but continues to assert: I hope for reconciliation, the door is always open. It is possible that he is trying to play British people in this way. That would be very cynical. But I think it is more naive than he is sarcastically.”

Because of all the controversy, Harry has lost a lot of his popularity with the British. Dee Baebe: “A poll this morning showed his popularity has slipped again. He puts on the table things that happen in every family that many Brits find embarrassing. Even with young people, with whom Harry has always been popular, he has run out of credit. I don’t think That he expected it. As far as I’m concerned, that again indicates a naive view of the world.”

Especially for autobiography, some British bookstores have opened at midnight.AFP photo

“In the heat of battle, I didn’t see these 25 as people. You can’t kill people if you think they are people. They were chess pieces removed from the board.”

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During his time in the army, Harry is said to have killed 25 Taliban fighters by his own estimate. “It’s not a number that I’m happy with, but I’m not ashamed of it either,” he wrote in the book. His remarks led to unrest in the British Army.

“It’s violating a code,” DeBabe says. With such statements, he may put himself in danger. Moreover, he feels at home in the army. Why doesn’t he keep that to himself? I also wonder about his penis story (During a 200-mile walk across Antarctica for charity, I froze, MS). Has no one ever said: Is this a good idea? Is it actually directed well enough? Although Harry can be just like his father, he’s just as stubborn.”

Succession to the Throne is like the weather, the position of the planets, or the change of seasons. Who ever had time to worry about the things you can’t change? Who would care to be hit by an engraved pot? “

All the details that appeared in the last period are very exciting and food for a lot of entertainment. But is it also a serious matter? For example, could the actions of the Prince endanger the British monarchy? De Baebe believes that things are not progressing so quickly. “The court’s strategy will be as usual: they sit out the storm and don’t interact. We will only see King Charles and Prince William in action in the near future. Apparently nothing has changed.”

But de Baibe suspects they will take action internally. The court will want to prevent this from happening again. I think the mentality is changing. Until now it was very difficult to leave the royal family, especially for the high-ranking members. In the Netherlands and Sweden, for example, we often see a prince or princess decide to live a normal life. It will probably be easier in England in the future.”

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