November 29, 2023

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Ziekenhuis Isala in Zwolle  (Foto: ANP)

Isala Hospital transferred COVID-19 patients on Saturday and canceled compensatory care to avoid capacity issues

The hospital did this to prevent capacity problems. A spokeswoman for Esala stated that there is no transfer of Covid patients or any other reduction of care today.

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“IC was not full”

“The COVID-19 patients that were transferred were not in the ICU. The ICU was not full, but we are dealing with limited capacity,” the spokeswoman said. The hospital has a regional function and must leave room for new patients after trauma. There should also be a place in the IC, for example, corona patients whose condition is deteriorating.

The number of Corona patients who can be cared for in the nursing ward depends on the number of beds and medical staff available. A new date will be set for catch-ups that were canceled yesterday. Isala performs operations (such as hip surgeries) on Saturdays that were previously postponed due to the Corona crisis, or the so-called catch-up care.

In the IJsselland region, the number of infections has risen sharply in recent weeks, especially in Staphorst, where the vaccination rate is relatively low. According to Ina Cooper of the Isala board of directors, this is reflected in the hospital: “Fifty percent of the patients admitted here come from the Staphorst area.”

Cooper doesn’t see the future too rosy: “There are currently 25 patients with Covid in the hospital, and four patients are added every day. If you assume they stay in the hospital for two weeks, you can count how many patients are here in two weeks.”

Not only is there an increase in the number of Covid patients, but the emergency room is also busy and there are more births than usual.

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