December 9, 2022

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Iserbet bites his teeth at fellow strongman Fanthornhout at Berincross | Exact Cross 2022

precise cross

booty Michael Fanthornhout


Michael Fanthornhout won his second accurate cross of the season. In Meulebeke, he left teammate Eli Iserbet and Lars van der Haar behind in the final.

  1. 4 p.m. 01. Vanthourenhout strong bases in Meulebeke! After a solid performance, Michael Fanthornhout could raise his hands. Eli Esserbet and Lars van der Haar complete the podium. .
  2. 16.01 Vanthourenhout blasts through the sandbar one last time and takes a few extra seconds at Iserbyt. His second win this season is almost real. .
  3. 3 pm 58. Iserbyt haunt. Iserbyt still wants to give it a try and ratchet up the pace very firmly. Van der Haar must discharge immediately. Is Vanthornhout’s victory still in danger? .
  4. 3 p.m. 55. Final round. Vanthourenhout’s reward is now 17 seconds. It appears that the Belgian is on his way to achieving his second victory this season without incident. Great achievement. .
  5. It’s 15:55. The bird seems to be flying. Van der Haar and Iserbyt were stained for 12 s. Van der Haar and Isrbet are battling for second place. .
  6. 8 seconds for Vanthourenhout. Looks like Fanthornhout Day. Little by little, the Belgian gets away from the pursuers and currently has an 8-second bonus. . 3 pm 52.
  7. 15 hours 49. After a sharp acceleration Vantherenhaut suddenly a gap of 25 meters. Will Esserbet stay in van der Haar’s wheel? .
  8. At 15:43, Esserbit is stuck in the sand. After a difficult stretch of sand from Iserbyt, Vanthourenhout and Van der Haar suddenly drive with two. Although the coil spring seems to be able to make the connection again without any issues. .
  9. 3 p.m. 41. The three leaders will not concede an inch for the time being. Will we soon see a sprint, just like with the women? .
  10. 15 hours 36. There is a van der Haar after all! At the start of the seventh round, van der Haar ties his chariot to the two leaders. Corné van Kessel is the number one stalker at 20 seconds. .
  11. 15 hours 36. Meanwhile, van der Haar cannot reach the two leaders. Will Fanthornhout and Isrbet manage to stay in the lead alone? .
  12. Val Swik. In search of Iserbyt, Laurens Sweeck suddenly fell hard down the stairs. With a painful frown, he heads to the physical area in search of new shoes. end of story? . 3:30 pm.
  13. 15 hours 29. Iserbyt gets on his hips and tries to do the impact again. Vanthourenhout is looking to Swick to fill the gap. Did the bird fly? .
  14. 15 hours 24. 6 more laps. With 6 laps remaining, Laurens Sweeck reaches Iserbyt and Vanthourenhout. As a result, the speed in the leading group drops slightly, so that other chasers can also narrow the gap. .
  15. 4 seconds for leaders. The two leaders now have to give up a few seconds to pursuer Lawrence Swick. Will we soon have a pioneer group of 3? . 15 hours 18.
  16. 15 hours 18. Seems to be itching again in Vanthourenhout. Pauwels rider Sauzen-Bingoal dives into the sandbox with teammate Iserbyt. .
  17. 15 hours 13. Iserbyt again stopped by the pursuers, young Emiel Verstrynge is still a part of it. & nbsp; .
  18. It’s 09 15. There Iserbyt! Eli Eserbet doesn’t give up and make a small gap together. The pursuers have to work hard, otherwise the bird may have already begun to fly. .
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