December 6, 2023

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Isolation for those who leave

Delta variant, The England Indicates a new peak Infection: Over 16,000 in 24 hours, a record since last February 6th. New The climax of the cases Govt It is precisely caused by infection Delta variant (Former Indian) Of the virus, with a daily rate of 16,135 positive tests, the highest number since February 2.

Delta variant: new epidemics in the UK

This is indicated by data from the British Government, however confirming that there has been an increase in total hospital admissions (now equivalent to 1508) as vaccine efficacy and mortality have also declined, from 27 to 19 yesterday. Others (550,000 in the last 24 hours) have now surpassed the 75 million mark, with 60.2 percent of the total adult population being fully immunized and 82.5% achieved with at least the first dose.

Delta variant, recalls Lazio AstraZeneca: 12-16 year old bracket postponed after August 15

Covit Lazio, June 23 Bulletin: 97 new cases (58 in Rome) and 2 deaths

Merkel: GB isolation is mandatory across the European Union

German Chancellor Angela Merkel He expressed the hope that those coming from the UK would be isolated in any EU country. The Guardian reports it. “In Germany, if you come from Great Britain, you have to go inside Isolation – This is not the case in all European countries. It was just what I wanted it to be, ”he told Puntestock. The Chancellor recently criticized Portugal for allowing British tourists to enter without isolation.

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