July 16, 2024

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It is best to place the tanner in this room of the house

It is best to place the tanner in this room of the house

Self-tanning season has begun. We’re taking our favorite self-tanners out of the closet once again to transform ourselves into one Bronze Goddess. Provided everything goes well, because with a little bad luck you can come out of the fight spotty. Did you know that the room you apply self-tanner in also affects the final result?

professional Spray tanner James Harkent offers advice. James was responsible for Kylie Minogue’s colors, among others, so he knows how to do it. Amazing tip from James: The right place in the house to apply your self-tanner.

It is best to apply self-tanner

Using a self-tanner is a very stressful job. For hands and feet cheater. Before you know it, you’ll be walking around with stained hands for a week. So, what are the tricks to applying a spray tan flawlessly like James?

Of course, that starts with a great product. In recent years we have built up a list of favorites. The second important factor: where you apply the self-tanner. According to James, you’d rather do it in the bathroom. This is not surprising, because we all already do it. Using a self-tanner in the bedroom or living room is very exciting.

The bathroom must be dry

What is important: the bathroom should not be wet. After showering, you want to remove all the moisture. “I always recommend working in a cool bathroom, where it’s not humid,” says James. It may also be a good idea to open the windows briefly before tanning. The drier the better. So, if you experience blemishes after self-tanner, your bathroom may be too humid.

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