December 8, 2023

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It is said that coconut oil is the secret of wrinkles

It is said that coconut oil is the secret of wrinkles

A few years ago, there were already rumors that coconut oil would be the miracle cure against wrinkles, and in 2022, white is starting to make waves once again in the beauty industry. And rightly so, if we are to believe this research.

natural and effective

Natural and natural skin care has been on the rise in recent years. Coconut oil, as its name suggests, comes naturally from coconuts, and it goes well with this natural Beautiful pictures. So it’s no surprise that you were thrown to death with coconut ends a few years ago. Apply it to the ends of your hair, put it in a face mask, and remove your makeup with it… Coconut oil, if we are to believe the internet, is a real miracle cure. But it’s more than one beauty the noise† Research shows that mature skin may be a good friend to coconut oil. Look, we’re listening to that.

Silky soft, smooth and full

Coconut oil is a naturally emollient. When applied to the skin, it can fill in the grooves in the epidermis, explains the medical site Healthline From. This instantly makes your skin smoother. But the biggest benefit lies in the hydration that coconut oil provides. The oil ensures that the skin retains more moisture, so Good-bye Good-bye Dry skin, hello, plump skin. Research published in the medical journal Dermatitis also shows that coconut oil is an effective and safe moisturizer. And moist skin is the skin on which it is wrinkles Fine lines develop less quickly and are less noticeable.

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According to a New York dermatologist Dr. David Bank The antioxidants in coconut oil can also help slow down the aging process of the skin. “Oxidation is one of the main causes of skin aging, and coconut oil can help reduce damage caused by free radicals,” he explains. TheLifeCo


Before you run to the bathroom to get a big bubble Coconut Oil Rub your face, we want to give you another warning. In addition to the positive properties of coconut oil, the substance can also have a less pleasant effect on your skin. People with easily irritated skin or sensitive to blemishes can suffer from (too much) coconut oil. A dermatologist warns that coconut oil clogs pores, which means it can be a major problem for sensitive or blemish-prone skin. Pee dean From skin supplier† This means that coconut oil cannot penetrate pores and can suffocate the skin or clog pores. It, as it were, remains on the skin and is not absorbed. “This dermatologist’s advice? Look for skin care products that contain coconut oil as an ingredient. This way you can take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer, but you also have a product that can be used for most skin types.”

Source: Healthline, TheLifeCo, Skin Resource.MD, Beau Monde | Photo: iStock