February 2, 2023

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It seems that China is finally ready to ease up on Corona policy |  Abroad

It seems that China is finally ready to ease up on Corona policy | Abroad

After a series of protests against the strict Corona measures in China, it seems that the government is ready to soften its policy. Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan spoke of a “new phase in the epidemic”.

a look. In China, protests have been going on for some time against the government’s policy of not spreading the virus:

“As the omikron variant has become a disease, more people have been vaccinated and we have more experience in preventing COVID-19, our fight against the epidemic is entering a new phase with new tasks,” the Deputy Prime Minister said at a meeting of the National Health Commission, without specifically mentioning China’s non-epidemic policy. She called for more “improving” testing, treatment and quarantine.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the campaign to vaccinate the elderly against the Corona virus would be accelerated.

In recent days, some Chinese cities have already announced that they will dismantle the reins. None of the ads mention last week’s demonstrations, as Chinese people took to the streets to protest the country’s strict Corona measures, which they say led to the deaths of 10 people in an apartment building fire.

China recorded a record number of infections a few days ago. On Wednesday, it recorded a third slight decrease in a row, to about 35,800 new infections.