September 30, 2023

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It took a lot to turn beautiful Gal Gadot into the witch of "Snow White"

It took a lot to turn beautiful Gal Gadot into the witch of “Snow White”

Disney has managed to get the big names needed to recreate classic animated films every time. However, movie buffs were surprised when it was announced Gal Gadot He takes on the role of the wicked witch of Snow White. This was not an easy task.

Gadot is often credited as one of the most beautiful actresses today, but for the live-action remake of Snow White, she plays the Evil Witch. actress known as amazing womanmovies and The Fast and the FuriousThe franchise, he needed a lot of makeup to look ugly.

an interview
During a recent interview, the actress spoke about the preparations for the film. Gadot was also present at the last D23 event, where the House of Mouse announced all of their new projects. Rachel Zieglerwho will play Snow White, was there, too.

So says Gadot:We haven’t seen anything ourselves yet, but it was great to do so. We were able to work with the experts and especially the makeup which required a lot of work! It’s real prosthetics I’m wearing“.

long time
Ziegler adds:You were in the “make-up room” for 4 hours every day for recordings, right?Gadot responds to this:In fact, every day before I was allowed to go to the set, the preparation was 4 hours. They range from changing the voice to “make up” a completely different face“.

However, I thought it was great. It’s a completely different thing than what I’m used to, so I really enjoyed being able to do it. I really enjoyed every second!We’ll have to wait a little longer for the final result, although the new Disney movie won’t hit cinemas until 2024.

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