December 1, 2023

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Italian Lady (29) Claims She Commutes 800km (!) Every Day Because She Can’t Pay The Rent |  strange

Italian Lady (29) Claims She Commutes 800km (!) Every Day Because She Can’t Pay The Rent | strange

29-year-old Italian Giuseppina Giuliano travels no less than 800 km (!) Every day to be able to work in Milan. She has a job there as a janitor, but she doesn’t earn enough to rent anything. Her story sparked outrage in Italy and the woman became a symbol of the high cost of living. However, many local media have doubts about the reliability of her story.


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All of Italy is amazed at a woman who commutes nine hours every day to work. The Italian woman would set her alarm for 3:30 a.m. every day so she could catch the high-speed train from Naples to Milan at 5:09. She was at work at exactly 10:30. Her return trip is just as bad. She leaves town at 6:20pm and arrives home at 10:53pm.

The story of the grueling commute began in September, when I got a permanent job at a school in Milan. However, her monthly salary was minimal: she only earned €1,165. With this, she could only rent a house with a monthly rent of less than 600 euros. Despite extensive searching, she found nothing to settle in the financial center of Milan.

So she decided to stay with her parents in Naples and commute every day. Every day you spend nine hours on a high-speed train. Although this can also become an expensive joke, she says she keeps costs down to around €400 per month with loyalty points and discount codes.

However, some media have doubts about its interpretation. According to them, you might have been able to find cheaper accommodation outside the city center. Nor is it clear how cheaply she could travel from Naples to Milan. One teacher claimed that Giuseppina only came to work twice before going on “holiday”. Another staff member testified that her story was true and that the school was doing everything it could to find a home nearby.

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