June 5, 2023

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Italy upside down keeps Germany to 1-1 draw in Bologna |  UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

Italy upside down keeps Germany to 1-1 draw in Bologna | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023

  1. 90 + 5′ – Yellow – Matteo Cancellieri
  2. 90′ – Yellow – Timo Werner
  3. 86′ – David Frattisi’s follow up to Samuel Ritchie
  4. 86′ – Follow by Gianluca Scamaca by Matteo Cancelleri
  5. 84′ – Yellow – Kai Havertz
  6. 81′ – Serge Gnabry continued to David Raum
  7. 81′ – Follow Cristiano Biraghi by Federico DiMarco
  8. 81′ – Follow Sandro Tonali by Tommaso Bubiga
  9. 81′ – yellow – Alessandro Bastoni
  10. 74′ – Goal – Joshua Kimmish (1-1)
  11. 71′ – Follow Thomas Muller by Kai Havertz
  12. 71′ – Goal – Lorenzo Pellegrini (1-0)
  13. 70′ – Follow Leon Goretzka by Ilkay Gundogan
  14. 67′ – yellow – Sandro Tonali
  15. 66′ – Follow Matteo Politano from Degnand Gonto
  16. 63′ – Yellow – Alessandro Florenzi
  17. 63′ – Yellow – Thilo Kehrer
  18. 60′ – Follow Benjamin Henrichs to Jonas Hoffmann
  19. 60′ – Follow Leroy Sane to Jamal Musiala
  20. 52′ – Yellow – Lorenzo Pellegrini

After an enjoyable match, Italy and Germany maintained a 1-1 draw. The goals came only after the break, and it was Kimmich who quickly saved Pellegrini’s opening goal. Both teams will start their Nations League campaign with one point.

The European champions Italy opened their Nations League campaign against Germany at the Renato Dallara stadium in Bologna. Compared to the European Championship final against England a year ago, there were at least 10 more names between the lines, only goalkeeper Donnarumma was still around.

At that initial stage, the Germans also used automatic, which is largely absent among the Italians. Gnabry experienced Donnarumma for the first time after leaving Biraghi at his place.

There was also a lot of fighting in that first half, but the quality of the ball was too poor to speak of a good first half.

After the break, La Squadra Azzurra exited the locker rooms with different intentions. He pushed Germany back and especially the lithe Scamaka featured the occasional Süle and Henrichs stars. With Musyala and Hoffman introducing, Coach Flick intervened before the hour.

The newcomer helps Italy 1-0 and equalizes with Kimmich

It is clear that Roberto Mancini does not have to prepare his team for the World Cup in Qatar next fall. The Italians weren’t there after an early and agonizing elimination against North Macedonia, young striker Wilfried Gunonto (18) also had a half-hour mark on his debut.

FC Zurich’s striker, Junonto, eventually also helped create the Italian lead. Newcomer Pellegrini cleverly presented 1-0, but the happiness was short-lived. On the flip side, Kimmich quickly equalized after some bickering.

In the last quarter the momentum shifted and Donnarumma had to intervene appropriately several times, but there were no more goals. Italy and Germany will start their Nations League campaign by a point.

Goals in Italy and Germany

  1. The second half, the 95th minute, the game is over
  2. Yellow card for Italian Matteo Cancelleri during the second half, 95th minute
  3. Yellow card for Germany Timo Werner during the second half, minute 90
  4. Second half, minute 86. Substitution for Italy, Samuel Ricci inside, Davide Frattisi outside
  5. Second half, 86th minute. Substitution for Italy, Matteo Cancelleri inside, and Gianluca Scamaca outside.
  6. Yellow card for Germany, Kai Havertz during the second half, 84th minute
  7. The second half, the 81st minute. Substitution in Germany, David Raum entered, and Serge Gnabry left
  8. Second half, 81st minute. Substitution for Italy, Federico Dimarco inside, and Cristiano Biraghi.
  9. The second half, the 81st minute. Substitution in Italy, Tommaso Pobiga inside, Sandro Tonali outside
  10. Yellow card for Alessandro Bastoni during the second half, 81st minute
  11. A goal during the second half, the 74th minute, by German Joshua Kimmich. 1, 1.
  12. The second half, the 71st minute. Substitution in Germany, and Kai Havertz and Thomas Muller entered
  13. A goal in the second half, the 71st minute, by Italy’s Lorenzo Pellegrini. 1, 0.
  14. The second half, the 70th minute. Substitution in Germany, Ilkay Gundogan entered, and Leon Goretzka came out
  15. Yellow card for Italian Sandro Tonali during the second half, 67th minute
  16. Second half, 66th minute. Substitution for Italy, Dignand Gonto inside, Matteo Politano
  17. Yellow card for Alessandro Florenzi during the second half, 63rd minute
  18. Yellow card for German Thelo Kahrer during the second half, 63rd minute
  19. The second half, the 60th minute. Substitution in Germany, Jonas Hoffmann entered, and Benjamin Henrix went out
  20. The second half, the 60th minute. Substitution on Germany, Jamal Musiyala inside, Leroy Sane outside
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