December 6, 2022

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Italy's Stefano Oldani gives Alpecin Phoenix another stage win in the Giro |  Giro d'Italia 2022

Italy’s Stefano Oldani gives Alpecin Phoenix another stage win in the Giro | Giro d’Italia 2022

Today’s fugitives had an excellent chance of winning the victory stage, so it’s time for today’s journey. After more than an hour of struggle, a group of 25 passengers broke up twice.

Matteo van der Poel had two teammates, Magnus Kurt Nielsen, Davide Ballerini, Buc Mollema, Rain Tarama, Pascal Einkorn and Simone Consoni.

Upon landing Passo del Bocco, the first climb of the day, there was calm for a while. Exactly 11 years ago, Wouter Wellandt died there after a fatal fall. The Giro organization laid a wreath at a memorial, after which everyone disembarked unscathed.

Just before the last ascent of the day, Lorenzo Rota (Intermarchi), Stefano Oldani (Alpecin), and young Gijs Limriez (Jumbo-Visma) are separated from the other fugitives. It immediately became clear that all three were going to fight to win.

In the last kilometer Leemreize tried to surprise the Italians twice. Oldani, on paper the quickest of the three, didn’t feel like it and reacted twice as vigilantly. Then he finished it well, which is good for Alpsin-Phoenix’s second victory in this Giro.

The group took a day off, and Leader Lopez came on the heels of his Trek mates in just over 9 minutes.

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