March 28, 2023

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iTrends: US intelligence steals 97 billion internet data a month

According to the Global Times, US intelligence services are infiltrating other countries’ computer infrastructure and stealing large amounts of information. Digital currency is already used by the business community and more than 900 million Chinese pay online. Content has tight control and Lenovo has opened a factory in Hungary. Geely buys Meizu and wants to acquire his stake in Baidu iQiyi. The first model was the WM-Motor with Byte’s advanced driver support systems.

From screenshots Answer To Global Times It shows that US intelligence agencies looted 97 billion data and 124 billion telephone numbers from other countries in 30 days. This was mainly due NSA By the so-called Designed access functions (TAO). Founded in 1998, the 1,000-strong agency uses the Internet to steal information from its competitors, including the information technology infrastructure of targeted countries, to steal account codes, break or destroy computer security systems, and monitor network traffic. , And access phone calls, emails, network contacts and messages. The entire organizational structure consists of one ‘center’ and four ‘divisions’. The “Center” employs more than 600 people and is responsible for retrieving, sorting and compiling stolen account passwords and sensitive information from around the world. According to Global Times The information received is sent to the “Five Eyes” countries. Global Times

Dijuan in business too

The test of the digital currency is beyond the realm of the consumer and is now used for loans and taxes as well. Te Suzhou borrowed 1.5 million yuan from a concrete maker Agricultural Bank of China He will also pay his customers with digital currency. The SCMP Cites other companies, including the hospital. In Chongqing, digital currency is used for tax purposes and for payments between companies. SCMP

More than 900 million people pay online

By the end of 2021, 904 million Chinese residents will be paying online. This is 50 million more than the previous year and 87% of the Internet population. Paying with or without cash is on the rise. Chinese banks handled $ 350 trillion worth of 102 billion transactions. China Daily

Tight control of content

The China’s Cyberspace Administration (The CAC) on Friday proposed draft regulation tightening current guidelines for content. Platform operators are asked to work closely with the Content Messaging Review Team to suit the scale of their activity. The proposed guidelines also indicate potential penalties than before. Following the past, commenters are asked to do so with their true identities. A ban on the use of bots that spread misinformation has been enforced. SCMP

Lenovo factory in Hungary

Lenovo Has opened its first factory in Europe in Ulyo, Hungary. The 50,000 m² factory has 1000 permanent employees. The production line can build more than 1000 servers and 4000 workstations per day. Lenovo has 35 manufacturing bases in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico and the United States. China Daily

Geely buys Meizu

It Key Branch Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology There is a diseased state மெய்சு It has yet to capture less than 1% share of the smartphone market. Founded in 2007, Meizu was once one of the most popular Chinese smartphone brands. Over the years fierce competition has led to some dominant domestic smartphone brands such as Honor, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. Yahoo Finance

Baidu wants to sell iQiyi shares

According to Reuters Negotiates பைடு For its 53% stake in the video site iQiyi To sell. IQiyi is not considered a core asset because Baidu wants to focus on capital-intensive artificial intelligence and autonomous driving units. Could raise $ 7 billion through sales. PAG From Hong Kong and China Mobile One of the most intriguing with streaming video. Reuters

Baidu ADAS first on WM Motor

Carmaker WM Motor was the first to equip its vehicle WM Motor W6 with Advanced Drive Assistance Systems (ADAS). பைடுThis model has 29 automated driving sensors and Byte’s Apollo Navigation Pilot (ANP) software. This vehicle will have semi-autonomous driving capabilities such as automatic lane changes on highways. Works with Baidu Key And GAC Together for self-driving cars. Market Research Institute Blueview Consulting The global ADAS industry is projected to record $ 25 billion in revenue by 2020, almost triple by 2027. Technot

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