July 16, 2024

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Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin will be worth at least  million by 2030

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin will be worth at least $1 million by 2030

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, says the price of Bitcoin will reach at least $1 million by 2030. “I think we’ll get there and move forward.” thus Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. Despite these statements, Dorsey does not see the price as the most interesting aspect of Bitcoin.

What’s more interesting than the price of Bitcoin?

For Jack Dorsey, the billionaire, the price of Bitcoin is not the most interesting aspect of the digital currency. This makes sense, because in principle Dorsey could buy a yacht and float and relax in the water for the rest of his life.

He doesn’t, because he sees Bitcoin as a very important technology for humanity and wants to do everything he can to make it successful. As the most interesting aspect, Dorsey pointed to the environmental cooperation inherent in Bitcoin.

“The most amazing thing about Bitcoin, aside from its founding story, is that everyone who works on it, gets paid for it, or buys it for themselves — everyone who puts in the effort to make it better — makes the entire ecosystem better, which drives up the price.

It’s an amazing movement and ecosystem, and in that respect unparalleled. “Bitcoin has taught me a lot,” said the very optimistic Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey is leaving Bluesky

Dorsey raised some eyebrows this week after announcing he was leaving Bluesky. Bluesky is supposed to become a decentralized alternative to Twitter, but Jack Dorsey was not happy with the direction the company chose.

“Bloskey is literally repeating every mistake Twitter has made,” Dorsey said. Moreover, according to him, it is not actually a decentralized protocol. “It’s just the next app.”

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Dorsey originally saw Bluesky as an open source protocol on which you could build Twitter and other social media platforms. This would separate the protocol layer from the application layer, making oversight more difficult.

“Everything we wanted in terms of decentralization, everything we wanted in terms of an open source protocol, suddenly became a venture capital company and a board of directors. This is not what I wanted, this is not what I wanted to make,” said a disappointed Jack Dorsey.

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