July 21, 2024

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'Jan Breidel could be haunted': Nicky Hain remains confident despite first defeat

'Jan Breidel could be haunted': Nicky Hain remains confident despite first defeat

Nicky Hayne could lose too. The Club Brugge coach lost for the first time in his ninth match, when he visited Fiorentina. The club eventually conceded another goal and thus moved towards Jan Breidl with minimal deficit. Heine looked at his team's performance with mixed feelings: “We sold our skin dearly.”

Red card and score 2-1. Did Nicky Hayne sign 3-2 at that moment? “I would have preferred to score 2-2, it is unfortunate that the last ball still went into the net. Although there was a lot of pressure and they had chances, at that moment we were in a better position.” Fighting spirit“.

“The last goal was a bit easy, and we should have focused on it. On the other hand, the second leg was saved, and a sold-out Jan Breydel could be scary.”

“I thought we started poorly,” Hayne said. “We warned that their wingers would come and shoot. It happened a few times in the first half, and we didn't play well.”

“We will then regain balance and play better football after the break. After that unfortunate red card, you know it will be difficult, and fortunately we still made it 2-2. We have to try to use those spaces in their backs.”

I hate losing, it makes me feel sad.

Nikki Hine

Igor Thiago was the club's strongest man, as Heine opined: “Thiago is very useful to the team, even when he's not scoring. He puts pressure on the defence, and creates space for his teammates.”

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“A striker is always judged on his goals, but you see what happens if you keep giving confidence.”

Does the coach expect Fiorentina to be more defensive in the second leg? “It's a team that always wants to play football, so we expect that as well. Although you can see them falling back a little bit sometimes, we still think they're a team that will try to extend their lead.”

“We want to finish the second leg at home, we already managed to save it here. With the brilliance of Jan Breydel, we can always do something more, and we are counting on that.”

“I hate losing, it feels bad,” Hein said. “Especially in the 91st minute, we sold our skin dearly.”